Tuesday, August 20, 2019


The importance of studying modern technologies and their impact on higher education

Modern education is based on drastically different principles than even several decades ago. Schools and universities, though they possessed the best means available at the time, used to teach material which was of much poorer quality compared to today. Students, even though they spent even more time studying than today, ultimately graduated with much more limited knowledge than they do now. This is a result of technological, scientific and civilisational progress. Generally speaking, we know more today than we did in the past, but tomorrow, we will know even more than we do today. Education should thus stay abreast of scientific and technological progress by constantly developing and offering students more. Old, classical methods of teaching should be discarded in lieu of new, innovative methods based on modern research.

Modern technology research

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. New, revolutionary solutions are developed every few years on average. This is why certain solutions which were popular, useful and sufficiently met the needs of their users even three years ago can be now considered obsolete. Research is conducted to monitor this progress and “predict” how technology will develop, keeping those with an interest in technology up to speed with the latest discoveries. Such studies are usually published in the form of articles, videos or documentaries, available most frequently free of charge. This has a profound impact on education. It is the information released by researchers that forms the base for modern curricula. 

Research-based teaching methods

The College of Economics and Computer Science in Kraków is among those universities which follow modern trends, technological advancements and scientific progress. This is why we offer our students new and innovative teaching methods based on modern technology research, allowing us to be up-to-date with new discoveries. We treat the real needs of the modern economy and business seriously, preparing our students to work with innovative technologies. We are not the only school to offer such advanced teaching methods. More and more institutions in Poland eschew the classical model of education in favour of modern, research-based methods. Modernity in education translates to higher quality and more openness to new solutions, which is necessary to advance your career.

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