Thursday, July 4, 2019

Studies in Poland for international students

In the very heart of European Union there is a country with turbulent historical background, rich culture and growing economy. Would you like to join the circle of well-educated people and be a resident of modern and dynamic country? Think Poland!

Decent education

Polish universities present one of the highest teaching standards in Europe. As more and more native English teachers come to work in this country, there is a growing number of international students that head towards Polish universities each year. Students are given a great opportunity to study in rapidly developing universities with a great historical background. Professors are student-centered, open-minded and full of passion people that constantly inspire students to deepen their knowledge on their own. Everyone has got a chance to study the dream course. Do you want to study medicine in Poland? No problem. Information Technology, business management, economics? There you go, all available in English.

The spirit of innovation

Most universities in Poland attract international students with huge educational offer that is well developed and innovative. Polish educational institutions implement advanced programs that intend to improve the quality of education. Contemporary education in Poland envisages constant development of educational offer, the increase of professional qualifications of academic teachers and international cooperation. Such activities result in new specializations which respond to the abilities of contemporary science. In response to the new economic branches, students are given a chance to study nanotechnologies, aviation management or computer game design.

Studies in Poland for international students

Despite the rapid economic development, studies in Poland are still affordable for foreign students. The costs of studying and living are relatively low when compared to the standards of European Union.

Foreign candidates who want to get MBA in Poland firstly need to meet government requirements. Those include Polish visa, university enrollment requirements (application form, the transcript of secondary school), health insurance and work permit in Poland. The collection of necessary documents may sound a little frightful, but in Poland there are a few institutions that help foreign students start their educational path in this country. is a platform with excellent team ready to help whenever you need to. With a global network of partners, Think Poland consultants are able to give you a hand whether you are in your native country, or already on Polish lands. Insurance, accommodation, job offers – start your journey with and acquire a taste of Polish hospitality.

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