Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10 Things You Must Know about Dubai Before Pursuing CACHE Training

Dubai has completely become an economic power house in the last decade. Today, several multi-national companies have their own offices in the emirate, proving that Dubai has become a significant player in the world market. Hence, it is not surprising that many people are targeting to go to Dubai in hopes of getting a better career or just to have fresh new start.

Planning to move for CACHE training in Dubai? If so, you should know that you will be part of the growing population of expatriates in the magnificent Dubai. Before you go packing your stuff, take time to learn more about this place first.

1.      Growing population – Dubai’s population continues to grow – fast. According census, the emirate’s population has tripled in less than 20 years. It was said that in 1995, Dubai only had about 640,000 residents, but now, it has around 2.3 million.

2.      Large communities of expats – Dubai’s population is very diverse. Only about 10 percent of the population is composed of locals or Emiratis, and the other 90 percent is made of expats from different parts of the globe.

3.      Crime rate is low – While crimes still happen in Dubai, they are not as grave and serious elsewhere in the world. Because of the emirate’s strict law enforcement, major crimes have no place in the emirates. However, everyone is encouraged to be vigilant since minor crimes are still an issue.

4.      Dubai does not impose income tax – One thing unique about Dubai is that workers need not to pay for income tax. Simply put, they get their income 100 percent, without any deduction for income tax. This is one of the main reasons why many expats choose to work Dubai.

5.      Tourism sector is its source of income – While Dubai is an oil-producing emirate, tourism is the key in its economic growth. Majority of its economic income come from the tourism sector.

6.      Humid climate – Dubai is in the middle of the desert so everyone should expect that the city can be very hot and humid. The average high is at 33.4 degrees Celsius, and the average high is at 22.3 degrees Celsius. Because of the emirate’s hot and humid climate, almost all of the establishments are equipped with air-conditioning systems.

7.      Dubai will host Expo 2020 – After winning the bid to host The Expo in year 2020 in November 2013, Dubai officially becomes the first Middle Eastern city to host the prestigious expo.

8.      Alcohol is only served in particular establishments – Alcoholic beverages are only served at licensed restaurants, bars, and clubs. It is prohibited to bring around alcohol in town. Intoxicated driving, on the other hand, may result in heavy penalties.

9.      Decency in public – Drunkenness and public display of affection are easily frowned upon in Dubai. Personal behavior in public places is suggested to be restrained so as not to offend Muslim culture and to avoid legal problems.

10.  Other facts – The currency in Dubai is UAE dirham (AED). One USD is most likely equivalent to AED 3.67. The time in Dubai is GMT +4. Electric plugs are set at 220/240v (three pin sockets).

Dubai is a good place to start fresh and to begin a new career if you are planning to move out of your home country. And if you are thinking about pursuing CACHE training in Dubai, you should have no problem as there are several notable centers that provide qualified training.

The job market continues to grow, and if you have work experience and have good credentials, you should not have a hard time looking for a good-paying job there. You will not also have a hard time moving since there are many movers ready to help you out. In addition, you will surely find Dubai interesting because of its unique culture. You may also find it quite easy to blend in since the population of expats in the city is extensive.

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