Friday, January 18, 2019

What to do after clearing the JEE advanced exam?

For students who are dreaming of studying into the best undergraduate college in India, JEE exam is very crucial. Everyone who sees themselves into these colleges has to clear the JEE exams for getting the admission. There are two levels in JEE, JEE mains and JEE advanced. After you clear JEE advanced with the required marks, you are eligible to apply for the IITs and the NITs in India. But there are many who prepare so hard for JEE that they do not think of any other thing besides the exam. Surely IITs and NITs are good options, but not everyone has the luxury to get their desired marks. Thus, here are some of the options you have after JEE advanced result is announced.

Options after JEE advanced result

Get an admission into IIT

This is the best option for a student after the JEE advanced results are announced. Every student prepares for JEE with the sole aim of getting into IIT. Thus, if anyone gets a chance of getting admission into IIT, he/she should take it. IIT is a place where the best students in India study. So being a student among them itself feels like a sense of accomplishment to a student. So, IIT would offer you an over-competitive atmosphere. This atmosphere is not suitable for everyone. Some might fail in this atmosphere while others succeed.

Many students might have stayed as a topper throughout their life. And this is the place where all these toppers meet. So, it becomes important to not let the emotions control you. Thus, you need to be prepared for these type of experiences in IIT. IIT is considered as a hyperactive center for learning. You might sense that despite your best efforts you are not able to get the desired results. Thus, stress can take a toll on you. So, it is important to remember that you do not get dragged down by this. Instead, you should know that you are there because you are one of the best.

Choose your stream

One of the headaches after clearing JEE advance is not getting admission into IIT. Instead, the main headache is to choose the stream. Everyone has to choose a stream in which he/she wishes to make their career. There will be many options given to you by your good wishes. But it is better to listen to yourself. Every stream has a scope if you are willing to work hard. There is no stream where you will not be able to make a career. Not every stream in IIT will give you what you want. That is why you need to research better for the stream you want and the college that will be most suitable for that stream.

Get an admission into NIT’s

Not everyone gets their desired marks in JEE advanced result. Some might clear the exam but do not get enough marks to get an admission into. IIT’s. So, the next best option for them is to drop one year and try again the next year or they could also get into NIT. There are a few NIT’s in India which are even better than some of the NIT. In terms of major needs for students, there is no difference between nits and IIT’s. So, one should feel little of themselves if they take admission into nits. This can be a golden opportunity for many students. There are 18k seats in NIT’s, so instead of dropping a year, one can go for these colleges.

Besides IITs and NITs, there are several other good private as well as government colleges in India, which one could get into through JEE. Colleges like IITs and BITS are a very good option for students who could not clear the IITs and NITs.

Relive your hobbies

Students so well into the preparation for JEE that they leave behind their hobbies. They only concentrate on getting good marks and getting the admission. Because of this, they do not do the things which they love doing. Hobbies are one such thing that every person loves to do. So, now that you have got your desired JEE advanced result and cleared it, you can concentrate on those hobbies of yours again. You can do this joining a club or societies or a sports team. There are many options to choose from. Even after getting an admission into IIT you can choose to be a part of a sports team or drama club or join the dancing group.

There is no need for you to give up your hobbies. Instead, you can allow some of your time to hobbies so that it can relax your mind and focus more on your studies. Another option is to take part in competitions and fests that happens in the IITs. There are technical as well as non-technical fest where you can participate and showcase your talent. IITs gives you an opportunity to show your talent at national and international level.

These competitions will also help you enhance your technical intellectual skills. You will come in contact with some of the like-minded people. This can be a good learning curve for you and can come in handy in the future. This will also give you some options and opportunities when you are looking for higher studies and other career options.

Keep going

Now that you have gotten your desired JEE advanced result doesn’t mean you should stop working. Life won’t be a cakewalk after getting admission into IIT. Life starts after you get the admission because this is the place where you find the people with the same caliber as yours. There is a long way to go for you and that is why it is important to keep a balance between sports, recreational activities, and your studies. Give equal priorities to everything and do not leave anything behind. You can engage yourself into your favorite activities but that should not be done at the cost of your studies. Always remember the hard work you did for clearing the JEE advance.

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