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Important Points to Know for SAT Exam to Studying in Abroad!

America is the land where dreams come true. Thus, one of the most sought-after places! It has a special place for people who are educated. Then imagine, how secured the education system in the country must be!

And if you too want to be a part of the same, then you should start preparing for it. Pursuing higher education in USA universities is not an easy job. The first step to it in itself is no less than a challenge.

The first step is none other than the SAT examination. Yes, completing SAT examination with flying colours will open the doors to the USA universities for you.

So, what is SAT examination?

Every education system that strives for excellence wants to ensure that they have the best students. It is why they have entrance examinations for the students. If you are going to pursue higher studies in any of the USA universities, then you will have to pass this entrance examination also known as the SAT exam.

If you have your SAT grades, then you will get admitted to the best colleges. It is not necessary for all the colleges though, yet, the SAT examinations boost your chances of getting through with the best and the most prominent universities. 

Applying for the SAT:

Remember, there are 7 chances in a year for appearing for SAT examination if you reside in the USA. While there will 6 opportunities in a year for you if you reside anywhere in the rest of the world.

The course can be opted for in May, then in June, then in October, then in November, in December, in January, and finally in March respectively.

The format of the SAT examination:

Following are the various parameters in which you are judged in the SAT examination:

Reading skills:

Here you will have to read the following out:

·         You can choose from any one of the texts from the world of USA literature. It can be classy, or even it can be contemporary. It doesn’t matter at all! Anyone of these will allow you to show off your skills.
·         You can choose to read any one of the texts or many of them as well. These must be related to the founding document of USA. It can also belong to be a part of the various speeches that this particular document has been a hero or an inspiration.
·         You will also have to read from your personal selections in various subject areas like the sociology or the psychology and even the economics. It can also be from any other science that is social.
·         Reading out from two of the most scientific passages is equally necessary.
The reading test is to test your interpreting and understanding skills practically.

Writing and language skills:

The writing and language skills are to prove your grasp of the English language. It is really a necessary test that will show how much you know about the language. There will be various things that you will have to deal with in these tests.

Mathematical skills:

Having the basic and the most fundamental idea about mathematics is equally important to you. The SAT examination will test your mathematical skills as well. You should know about the algebra, the trigonometry, and the geometry.

Essay writing skills:

Essay writing skills are probably the hardest of all the skills you will find. There is not even a hint of doubt in the fact that with the Essays you will have to have abundant knowledge about various topics.
You will be offered a topic and, you will have to explain the same in your own perspective. You will have to convince the audience, that how you stand for or against it and why do you do so!

Preparing for SAT examination:

Preparing for SAT examination will not be difficult if you know all about the basics and the necessities. Let us tell you that SAT examination is not an impossible exam to crack. If you follow the below-mentioned steps correctly, you will easily make it through the exam:

·         Practice! Practice! And Practice!

These are three crucial Ps of SAT examination. Practicing the old question papers, the mathematics, the grammar, and the essays is essential. You should understand the relevance of good practice. It opens up the inner speed monster in you. It allows you to become perspective and knowledgeable. Practice also allows you to see things in a different light altogether!

·         Read about various random things:

Gaining knowledge is a key to completing SAT examinations with perfection. The more you gain knowledge about the current and the old affairs, the more it becomes easy for you to crack the exam. Essays are not accessible and to complete them you will need perspective and knowledge about various subject areas.

·         Keep practicing your math:

Though necessary, yet math can prove to be painful to you if you are out of habit. So, make sure that you are practicing the same. It will help you with your SAT examination. Practicing math will allow you to gain the speed you need to complete it in time during the exam.

·         Complete your SAT at least 2 years prior:

So, if you want to get admitted to the US universities in 2021, then you should complete your SAT examination by 2019 or 2020. It allows you the time to select your university and apply for them.
These are a few exciting tips that will help you master your SAT examination. Make sure you follow them in order to excel in the exam.

Author Bio: Garima Sharma is a versed blogger. She tries to discover new trends in the world and love to write blogs. She writes for a wide variety of topics including Education like GMAT, SAT, IELTS industry and also writes for Digital Marketing, Health, Fitness and Technology, and many more. She is also an academic expert associated with

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