Sunday, November 4, 2018

Top Tips to Study More Efficiently

One of the most dreaded activities among the students is studying. It is important to study smart and not hard as the former yields a lot better results. With smart and efficient study, students not only prepare well for their exams but also develop a deeper interest in the subjects and have a better understanding of the fundamentals.

To help the students to study more efficiently, some of the top tips are given here. These study tips will help students to not only study in a more effective way but can also help to develop better learning habits and get confident with the concepts.

       Collect Proper Resources

Collecting proper resources is extremely crucial as it will help students to not get distracted and confused during preparation. It is suggested to gather proper resources before starting with the preparation. For example, a class 9 CBSE student should be first equipped with NCERT books and solutions like NCERT Solutions for Class 9 maths or science and then start studying.

       Visualize the Concepts

Visualization is extremely essential to study effectively. By visualizing the concepts, students not only get a better understanding of the concepts but also tend to retain those for longer. So, it is suggested to avoid blindly memorizing topics and start visualizing them.

       Take Periodic Breaks

Students need to take periodic breaks to properly retain the concepts they learn. It is suggested to follow the Pomodoro Technique in which short breaks are taken at certain intervals. With this, students efficiently manage their time and have a more effective studying experience.

       Maintain Personal Notes

It is suggested to maintain personal notes for individual subjects while studying. Taking notes can essentially help to comprehend information efficiently and help during revision also as students can quickly check out the notes and revise the concepts.

       Practice and Revision

It is extremely important to attempt as many questions as possible to be able to develop problem-solving capability which can help to attempt questions in the exam easily. Apart from practicing, students are also required to revise the topics periodically to be able to retain the concepts for longer.

These were a few tips that can help the students to study in a more effective way. CBSE students can also check out the My NCERT solutions website to get additional assistance for the exam and clear their doubts instantly. Students can click here to know more about NCERT solutions here and have a better learning experience.

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