Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Things You Can Do In Between Air Conditioner Servicing

If you think that your air conditioner maintenance can wait then get your money ready for the oncoming repair costs. No wonder that your AC is an integral part of your home that helps you to keep your surroundings cool during summer and warm during winters. Overusing the Ac can lead to severe defects without any prior maintenance. Maintaining the AC and servicing it at regular intervals can help to save energy which in turn can reduce the utility bills.
Overall it helps your AC to work more efficiently and last longer before it needs to be replaced. If at any time you think you are incapable of performing the professional task, better go for a professional and always shut down the power unit at your electrical box first before starting the maintenance work. Here are a few tips about how you can efficiently maintain your Aircon:
·         Clean or replace the filter if needed:
During high use seasons, your AC filter should be cleaned every month. The filter is located behind the air grille or ceiling, inside a blower compartment of air furnace or in a slot near the furnace. When the filter gets clogged with the dirt particles, the air flow decreases or even the air flowing through your system may become dustier and dirtier triggering allergens for asthma and many other respiratory disorders.
·         Checking the wiring components:
Start checking you're wringing by turning off the main power. Watch out for overheating systems and if you see any problems replace the parts. If you are hesitating to do it on your own then better go for professional help and let the air conditioning expert do the work for you.
·         Check condenser unit fan:
Keep an eye on the fan mounted on the top of outside condenser and make sure if it’s still in working condition. The fan motor bearings need to be oiled regularly as well, and you should check for cracks or chips visible in the blades.
·         Clean outside unit:
This part of your AC is most prone to the dust particles and other stuff that may lead to blockage of your blades. This may result in decreasing system capacity and reducing air flow. To prevent this, you should clean up the outside unit at a regular interval and check for dirt, impurities, leaves or something else is stuck. For cleaning it, you can use a garden hose to gently wash out the debris and make sure that you don’t use a power washer that can damage the delicate fins.
Maintaining your air conditioner is strongly recommended because this will lead to improved quality of air flow in your home with cost-efficient measures and that too at the right moment that will prevent the risk of emergency breakdown. or you may take help from air con professionals like Aircon Service Brisbane  and air conditioning installation brisbane

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