Thursday, October 4, 2018

Depression and college students – How will they overcome and what are the symptoms?

Bad eating habits, lack of sleep and not enough movement and workout are the perfect recipe for depression, especially among the college students. Being students, they have to deal with too much stress of their studies and besides academics, they also have fiscal worries and the pressure to grab a good job post school. Then there are the pangs associated with failed love relationships which are more than enough to force students to leave college, stop studying and take many other drastic steps. 

The consequences and risks of depression among students
There are several factors during college life which play a role in developing depression among students. While there are several students who stay unprepared for college, there are others who are drowning in debt and there are some others who are under the pressure of graduating with flying colors. All these drive depression among the students. If you can remain aware of what depression is and if you can understand the symptoms, you can check yourself here by taking the depression quiz. 

Depression leads to substance abuse, binge drinking, binge smoking, smoking marijuana and participating in various sexual activities to cope with the emotional turmoil that goes on within. 

Statistics on suicidal attempts and death among college students
In the United States of America, suicide is the 2nd biggest cause of all the death among students and people who are at the age of 15 and 34 hours. Considering the young adults, 8.4% have had serious thoughts on suicide. While depression is the largest risk factor, there are various others like:

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Stressful life situations
  3. Family history of mental illness and depression
  4. Access to funs
  5. A suicide attempt already taken
  6. Exposure to others who have already taken suicidal attempts
  7. Activities to harm self like cutting oneself or burning oneself
Diagnosing depression among students and treating it
Students are often hesitant about seeking expert help because of the social stigma that is attached with the suffering of depression. The evaluation of mental health which surrounds the developmental and family history of a student, his school performance or other behaviors need to be performed for evaluating the risky students and to formulate a treatment plan.

A combination of antidepressant medicines, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy can be a good form of treatment for college students who are suffering from depression. Depressed students should benefit from a healthy diet, exercise and they should get enough rest.

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