Friday, September 21, 2018

Nine Excellent Dishes to Try When Teaching English in China

China, one of the most renowned travel destinations in Asia, has lately realized the significance of English education, allowing deserving individuals from all across the globe to pursue their teaching career here. Apart from earning substantial amounts of money, traveling to prominent attractions such as the Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Terracotta Army, Potala Palace, etc., and immersing in the unique traditions, working as a teacher would also provide you with the opportunity to savor exceptionally delectable dishes of the said nation.

In the following write-up, I have chalked down names of nine popular Chinese food items that have the potential of effectually tantalizing appetite and making people crave for more.

·        Tea egg is a common snack having an enchanting marble design. An already boiled egg is slightly cracked open and again thoroughly heated in tea mixed with spices and sauces.

·        Baozi are soft steamed buns filled with vegetables or barbecued pork. Teachers would surely love to savor on it after coming back from school. Red beans, custard, and lotus seed are several other filling options that you can choose from.

·        Pecking duck was innovated by the renowned Emperor of Yuan Dynasty. The duck is marinated with spices, then fried so that its exterior could turn crispy, and served along with pancakes, cucumbers, and onions.

·        Congee could be loosely defined as rice porridge that you can either consume with fried bread sticks or salted meat, fish, and eggs. It is considered ideal when the weather outside is extremely chill.

·        Popularized by posh restaurants, Din Tai Fung is a conventional Chinese dish where dumplings filled with spicy pork are dipped in warm and flavorful broth. You can also try making them in your house during weekends but the preparation procedure is quite lengthy.

·        A large number of individuals who have undertaken English teaching jobs in China with no degreehave said that BiangBiang noodles prepared with onions, garlic, and mutton or beef is the easiest dish which they can eat both for breakfast and dinner.

·        Sesame rolls is an extremely popular dessert that have a crunchy exterior but the insides are moist due to fillings of red beans paste, glutinous rice, or custard. 

·        Tofu as a sweet dish appears quite strange but tofu pudding is tremendously refreshing and worth trying. Instead of the firmer version, this particular dessert is made with silken tofu, sugar, and ginger syrup.

·        Chinese mango pudding is primarily popular in Hong Kong but at present eaten in all parts of the country. This creamy dessert can most surely make you drool and is perfect for the days you are feeling low.

In addition to the varied kinds of snacks, main course items, and desserts stated above, when in China, make sure to drink scrumptious beverages namely pearl milk tea, salt soda, coconut milk, Tsingtao beet, etc.

Individuals teaching English in China often feel homesick. Well, the best way to get rid of this issue would be paying visit to all street stalls and top restaurants for trying out the dishes stated above. Tasty foods can uplift mood in absolutely no time.

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