Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Digital Homework Tools Should Be More Than Just the Textbook as an App

Homework – the word itself is heavy enough to pressurize the students in a variety of ways, isn’t it? These assignments, essays, and homework are considered as the most daunting task by the students which potentially restrict their leisure time. However, in the current prevailing world, the technologists have introduced the new system of learning to the schools through the integration of digital technologies. The impact of e-learning on the students cannot be underestimated as it helps them by improving their learning efficiency, psychologically motivating them, opening their minds, and enhancing their knowledge of IT. 

Discovering the importance of Homework
Do you also consider homework as a tedious task? Surely! More than 70% of the students have this perspective so you don’t need to worry about it. Imposition of a great amount of homework on the students can lead to detrimental effects, for instance, loss of interest, fatigue, and stress. Despite the significant impact, the importance of homework in a student’s life cannot be neglected. It is aimed at improving the thinking abilities and memory of the student. It further develops the effective time management skills and enables the child to develop positive study habits. Apart from the potential role played in the academic achievements, homework motivates the child towards the exploration of different opportunities in the future. Even after seeing these benefits, have you changed your thoughts or not? Let’s explore more!
The current pattern of digitalized homework
“E-learning”, the ‘E’ in the word, what does it mean? It means Electronic; however, the term is often referred to as a textbook for the purpose of homework. Many of the students typically face problems while doing their homework. They inevitably need a teacher’s assistance or rather a guide instead of a pdf format book with the questions. With the increasing complexities in the competitive world, it has become essential that the students should be aided with the homework tools. After reviewing the wide range of website and apps available online, it can be easily concluded that all they have are the traditional tutorials which lack the in-depth instructions. However, some of the websites have digitally enhanced tutorials which provide a quick feedback to student’s work, offer a well-designed curriculum, comprehensive instructions, and tutorials.
Digital Homework Tools and their Benefits
Currently, some of the digital homework tools are updating with the technology but still not updated completely. However, these online learning systems still bring many benefits to the students. EduCreations let the teachers create amazing tutorials for the students where they can record their voices, add images, videos, and maps in order to make them engaging. Google Classroom, Edmodo are some of the other digitalized homework tools which can increase the level of easiness. It gives the ability to the teachers to post homework which can be accessed by the students from anywhere. However, not all these websites and apps which are aimed at helping the students have technology integrated into them completely. These tools lack the element of interactivity, ability to cater the increasing difficulty levels and provision of instructive hints to the students if they have missed some mathematical step. Moreover, as far as the teacher’s perspective is concerned, these tools don’t provide the comprehensive data related to the common errors made by the students which could be utilized by the teachers for their learning analysis.
It’s time to integrate technology and homework!
Its right that technology has been associated with the education realm previously; however, there’s more to explore in order to consolidate the relationship. The technologists are required to designs the ways in which education becomes more interactive and enthralling for the students rather than being restricted to a book. On the other hand, the educators must be trained to bring the technological devices to their classes so that the students could benefit from it in a variety of subject areas such as Mathematics, English, and Science etc.
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