Friday, September 7, 2018

Check Your Exam Dates for GMAT and Fix Your Centres

Management course aspirants must show their GMAT scores to gain admission to the foreign universities. This is the Graduate Management Admission Test of 3½ hour duration for students who wish to study and get a scholarship abroad. It is computer adaptive meaning that no two students taking the test will get the same set of questions. It tells the education institute how well the person will perform in the management course.

Computer Adaptive Test

The Quantitative and Verbal are the two parts that are computer adaptive. In these, the level of the test will keep on increasing or decreasing as you write the GMAT test. Enough preparation ensures your admission to the university of choice. This version of the computer adaptive test (CAT) is available wherever there is an internet connection. The way forward is to begin preparing for the test early.  

Parts of the GMAT test

The test consists of four sections. The time allocation for these parts is as follows:

       Analytical Writing Assessment - 30 minutes (1 Topic)
       Integrated Reasoning - 30 minutes (12 questions)
       Quantitative - 62 minutes (31 questions)
       Verbal - 65 minutes (36 questions)

As for the dates for GMAT 2018, you can take the test 5 times during the year. So, there is no specific date for preparation. GMAT test date 2018 will change according to business school that you choose. Check whether you want to take the course and then find out the test dates from the university. You can then submit the application form to that school. Be sure of the test centre and the dates before you begin your study. You must also check the dates for the Cancel Exam, Reschedule exam, and Retake Exam from the centre. If you have disabilities, register at the centre as a disabled person.

For the best GMAT coaching, try to choose a coaching centre that has highest number of 1450+ scores in SAT and highest number of students with 700+ in the previous years. Otherwise, you will waste your time. But, taking coaching is needed as it helps you in two ways. One is that the material is cut and dried. You need not search for anything. Second, you come to know how much the other person is preparing and if you do something more, you will surely beat them.

Prepare with Coaching

Coaching helps you develop a deeper understanding of the syllabus material. This will help you retain what you prepare for a longer time. First thing to do is to take a practise test to check in which parts you need coaching. Then, set aside some time for that. This is useful since it will clear your mind of the need to plan. Once you have prepared these parts, you can begin the preparation for the others. You have to prepare Analytical Writing, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension. Then, there is the Quantitative section.

Do not assume any part to be easy. There will always be twists and turns and so when it is your time to take the exam, you must be prepared for it.

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