Friday, September 7, 2018

Advent of Co-working Space in business towers

Business towers have become an integral part and parcel of the modern corporate culture. These hi-tech towers host a dynamic array of companies working at tandem simultaneously from the same tower at different floors. This facilitates the provision of working together of a number of companies for the same premise without the need of investment in a dedicated premise for each organization. This thought process has led to the gradual increment of the need for such spaces on rent for incoming companies.

Information at finger-tips

This facility is now available through the online portals where the officials can browse through a host of pre-loaded information of properties on rent at the business towers all across the region of investment. The number of such co-working Space in business towers featured are a plenty and therefore poses a better opportunity for the companies to modulate their range of investment accordingly. Often, the presence of dedicated contacts and absence of third parties make the process much more simplified and well approachable.
The online portals offer a host of facilities to make the leasing process a cake walk.
The general provisions which are provided as a general module are:

·        Completely personalized and incumbent account manager for all relations
·        Accessible database bearing all landlords for the purpose of direct communication modules
·        Database of pre-existing available spaces available all across Indian soils
·        Hi-tech customer care network

Package to elevate deals

Each and every parameters which come as a package for co-working Space in business towers help to make the deals better suited to the specific set of requirements that each company possess. Tailor-made spaces are therefore a complete reality in this modern age of corporate culture. The nature of in-house facilities obtainable also play a huge hand in the selection of the business tower. Communication facility, venue and location of the premise, the in-house housekeeping services, the security and emergency layout are among the major factors which contribute to the overall selection and are therefore well verified by theonline portals before featuring the area in their websites.

Pest control services, gardening maintenance are two more factors which contribute to the selection process.
Factors to opt for

These two are major factors when it comes to the startup Co-working Spaces in business towers as these are the major ones for the basic present-ability and hygiene of the entire zone. Dedicated layout of optical fibers for the internet connectivity, the nature of dedicated routers present at the destination and the concurrent nodal circuits which are present at the venue as a rentable item makes a very big impression on the company willing to rent the space.

Customer care to look after you

The last and concluding factors which aids the process is the presence of a dedicated 24*7 customer care department which will aid the officials whenever required and let them know of the solutions to incoming queries. The customer care portal also makes sure that the specific set of requirements are being catered to and are kept on the agenda for renting agreement. Thus, a core management team with a professional account manager and a host of supporting team network makes for a successful leasing of business tower space and henceforth growth of a company.

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