Saturday, July 28, 2018


Clear CAT In Just 90 Days Of Preparation

CAT - Common Admission Test. CAT is neither a puzzle nor an enigma. A perfect study plan of 3 months, perseverance and focus will fetch the right results. As per the experts, one has to invest 90 days to get through this entrance exam. As there are just 3 months left for this current year’s examination, here is a strategic idea for CAT 2018.

   Spot your strengths and weaknesses - This is the first step to be followed before you schedule your study plan. This is also known as self-assessment. Always be aware of the areas in which you excel and the areas in which you have to improve. Make sure that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses at the earliest.
     Be clear with the syllabus and pattern - Irony is the pattern changes every year. Be prepared for the current year’s question paper pattern.
     Practise - As there are 90 more days left for the current year’s CAT exam, this is the right time to start preparing. The more you practise the more accuracy will be gained. Hence, refer previous years question papers
  Learn Smart -  These CAT exams are the gateways to the top rated Business schools. Stay positive all the time. Do not take the pressure, if you are finding it difficult to crack a few questions.
Keep yourself updated - If you are aspiring to clear the CAT 2018, keep the current affairs information at your fingertips. This is a national level entrance examination and the preparation should be benchmarked.
  Take Mock tests - It is advisable to take some mock tests in All India level Mock CAT exam series. These series of tests will be your assessment papers and gives spot results.

Follow these simple steps to crack CAT 2018. To learn more, the aspiring candidates can subscribe to BYJU’s YouTube channel.


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