Wednesday, June 27, 2018

International School for Better Tomorrow

Parents face a mammoth challenge laced with confusion when it comes to enrolling their kids in schools. And, with a new school popping up every other day in the neighbourhood the choice becomes even more frustrating. One of the most common dilemmas that parents go through is about whether to enrol their kids in an international school and whether it’s worth the entire tuition fee which is, to be honest, not cheap. So, we have tried to study the perks of sending your little one to an international school, which might help you take a decision that will completely transform your child’s future career and life as a whole.

  1. The Blessing of Diversity
International schools are a melting pot of different people and their different cultures from various corners of the world. They have people from different lands collaborating with each other on an intellectual level with harmony. When you send your child to a good international school you are giving him the opportunity to not only study what’s in his books but gain something much more important – experience. The opportunity of experiencing another person culture and getting to know and respect different opinions from a young age will have a profound effect on your little one and build him into a compassionate and loving human being.

  1. The Love for Languages
When you decide to send your children to an English medium school you expect them to learn the language well so they can communicate in English flawlessly. But when you send your child to an international they learn much more than English. Going to an international school for a long time will open the doors to learn various foreign languages which are in the curriculum and also the ones which aren’t. You child will get to communicate with other students who speak a language completely different from his. This, in turn will not only make him learn a new language but also polish his communication skills which will be a boon to him to boost his future career.

  1. Improved Social Skills
When you decide to enrol your child into an international school they socialize and build networks with students from not only different cultures but also with people from different strata of the society. This helps them socialize with people regardless of their social status. It also helps them with networking with people who might help them give a boost to their future career.

  1. Rigorous IGCSE Curriculum
The IGSCE curriculum is a meticulously thought out and well planned curriculum which prepares the student for various international programs and courses like International Baccalaureate, A-Level and BTEC Level 3. The curriculum teaches as many as 70 subjects in over 120 countries so your child gets to pick subject that he is truly passionate about. The curriculum, along with the guidance from the well train educators, aims to build analytical skills, critical thinking and encourages independent research work to give rise to incredible intellectuals.

So, if you are looking for an International school in Gurgaon to enrol your child, then Meenakshi World School is one of our top recommendations.

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