Monday, May 7, 2018

Is the higher education system of the USA perfect? Find out it now

In the United States, more foreign students are enrolled than in any other country in the world! Now, this figure is close to 600,000. The choice is due to prestige and practice, which shows that the learning in the US universities ensures a successful career in the future.

The advantages of high education in America

In the US there are more than 4 thousand universities, which are called colleges there.  A total of more than 14 million students are enrolled there, which is 4.75% of the total number of students on Earth. At the same time, US universities occupy a leading position in all sorts of ratings of universities, made not only in the States themselves but also in Europe and Japan. Yes, one can argue for a long time with the objectivity of these ratings, with the parameters by which they are built - but the fact remains: to receive education in the US is prestigious and, even if you are not going to continue living there, it is advisable.

1. The US educational institutions occupy a leading position in all major rankings!

2. Practically limitless choice of specialties (from the history of Africa to nuclear physics)

3. Recognition of diplomas and academic degrees of American universities and colleges around the world!

4. Education is practice-oriented! Learning programs are often created in close connection with the leading corporations and enterprises that need real staff!

5. America is a country of emigrants. Here all people of color of any culture will not be a "black sheep". The country tolerates any religion, ethos, culture. Thus, a newcomer here is easier to adapt and feel "at home".

6. America is a country with a so-called post-industrial culture. Here technologies are so perfect and advanced that they even the most specific spheres of life and, especially, education. Graduates of colleges and universities even in the most modern production are aware of all the latest scientific and technological trends.

7. A possibility of choice and freedom of choice! Educational programs are created in such a way that a student can often decide which courses to study the term, how many hours to study them, etc. Therefore, the study is comfortable.

8. Experience of independent life on campus. Many people remember the years of life on campus as the happiest in their lives! The classic American campus provides everything for a happy and fulfilling life: comfortable buildings for study and life, sports facilities, and playgrounds, restaurants, cafes and clubs, the opportunity to work off in your spare time, etc.

9. Globalization. The American education system is universal. It is not focused on "small-town" processes, but on global processes and global values. This globality makes American universities so popular and prestigious. It is no accident that American universities have graduated so many world political, economic and scientific leaders and luminaries

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