Sunday, May 6, 2018

How to Design an Employee-Friendly Workplace

Employees perform better in positive work environments. There are many aspects of creating a highly positive office. While the modern conversation centres on office culture, it’s important to pay attention to office design as well. Employees must be physically comfortable, as well as emotionally, to perform optimally. Here are several tips that will help your company design that employee-friendly workplace:

Don’t Leave Workstations Wanting

Pay attention to how each workstation is placed. Does it have everything the employee needs, including essentials like a computer, basic stationary, and maybe a mouse pad? Buy desks with drawers so that employees can leave tabletops free. It’s important to ensure that crucial items and employee needs to get his or her work done is already present at the workstation. The company can go the extra step of adding an extra pleasantry to the workstation, like an ornamental cactus.

Offer Individual Storage

One of the biggest complaints at offices is lack of enough storage space for all the things employees bring, often leading to disorganization. Employees might prefer to keep an extra set of clothes or personal items—usually things that don’t fit in the locker. Consider investing in industrial lockers so that employees can have all the space they need. If you expect employees to work long hours into the night, then this would be an essential amenity.

Create an Area for Employees to Relax in Private

Everyone knows about the proverbial rooftop where employees in the past may have gone to enjoy a break time with a smoke, alone. It can be a bit overwhelming to spend a good majority of the day in a crowded office. Employees who can have some me-time during breaks may feel less stressed once back at their workstation. Therefore, consider reserving a space for employees to have quiet time on their own during lunch or tea breaks.

Invest in a Spacious Office

No one likes to work in a crowded office. Limited space would inadvertently lead to tempers flaring. Therefore, responsible employers must invest in an office with plenty of space. If space is limited, find ways to make sure employees can work without feeling crammed. For example, buying space-efficient furniture and allowing in plenty of daylight can make offices feel less stuffy and crammed.

Find Innovative Ways to Reduce Noisy Distractions

Noises not only distract employees, it can also lead to irritability. Noises can originate from various places. While managers can’t always control all the noises that may distract employees, such as those coming from the outside, make sure the offices are as quiet as possible. Keep the customer service department, for example, away from the people who need to singularly concentrate. Buy an HVAC unit that works quietly for long hours. And for employees who need them, buy noise-cancelling headphones, if needed.

Keep a Well-Stocked Office Kitchen

Employees would spend close to an hour each day at the office kitchen, getting coffee and snacks. Some employers have the workers bring their own food. Others may offer some food. In any case, make sure the office kitchen has all the supplies employees need. It doesn’t cost much to by plates, utensils, and appliances like microwaves that can be used for a long time. The benefits of these items in terms of employee convenience is enormous.

Use the above tips wisely to make sure the office is a physically pleasant place for all employees to work at.

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