Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What To Look For When Employing A New Salesperson

Hiring the wrong person for a sales role is complete waste of time and money, both for you and the person you have brought in. Making sales isn’t an easy process. To carry it successfully and efficiently, the person must have patience, be able to handle objections, and different challenges coming their way. They must also have the temperament to be capable of handling aggressive clients which are encountered in the B2B selling process etc.

By fault of their own, or not, every manager surely will make one or two mistakes when hiring for a salesperson. Although one can’t completely avoid the mistakes, they can however reduce it to a level at which it is less impactful. For this, you would need to pay a close attention at each and every stage of hiring.

The key qualities that a recruiter must focus on while hiring for salesperson are discussed below:

     Communication Skill

Whatever country you are residing in and whatever is your official or Mother language, the most popular language used for business all across the world is English. One must know the language adequately so that the person could be capable of dealing with clients globally.

Also, communication skill isn’t just about knowing the language of communication but it also represents the person’s knowledge and deep understanding on his offerings and shows the person’s ability to articulate that clearly and distinctly. In short, a good salesperson must have the ability to explain the concepts, products or anything to the public. 

Hence, only a good communicator be a good salesperson as the person would be able to both “show” and “tell”.


Until or unless a person has desire to grow and succeed, the person won’t give the best out of him. Therefore, to be a great salesperson one must be ambitious.

You may ask the candidates the question like- where do they see themselves after 2 years, 3 years and 5 years? Their answer to the question could surely be of some help in finding about the candidate being ambitious or not.

     Bold And Confident

Bold and confident are the most desired trait for being a salesperson. Because only a bold and confident person can face the offensive and aggressive clients. There are clients who will oppose you at every point of the discussion even if you’re 100 percent true. Most of them will object without any concern and some of them will even try to put you down.

So, to be able to face all these situations, a salesperson needs to be bold and confident.


A person who is conscientious is hard-working, goal-oriented, diligent, persistent, and completely dedicated towards the work assigned to them.
Person with such quality works hard until it gets done and is really very good at data transparency work. When they are provided access to their own sales performance data, they can track and adjust their efforts in real time.

The best way to test for conscientiousness is to ask them about a time they set difficult goals and what they did to stretch themselves and achieve these goals? If they show-up and prove themselves as a goal-oriented and results-driven, the person is a right fit for your sales team and will put a lot of effort in to achieve the desired target and task.


While all the above given traits and qualities are important for a salesperson, coachability, too, plays an important role. A person with this specific quality has the ability to convince the person at the other end or create the interest of audience in to the certain product.

Coachability with in the candidate can be tested by asking them to sell anything such as phone, pen, laptop etc. in front of you to you. If they are able to convince you to buy the product or even creates an interest for the same in you, the person can be a good salesperson. They must also have the ability to adapt and work alongside in accordance with the marketing department.


All the above thing can be acquired only when a person is intelligent. Intelligence can be based on the person’s analytical skill and smart decisions that they make on the basis of their analysis.

However, candidate's academic and workplace experience and achievements will speak a lot about his intelligence but one shouldn’t rely completely on it. You can ask them question on the most challenging sale you had and can observe them if they ask for more info or more data to help determine an answer. 


A passionate person can do whatever he can do to get the piece of work done. A sales is something which require passion because only a passionate person can make the client feel and genuinely believe in what is being sold to them.

You can ask them questions like why do they want to sell your product and what does it mean to them. The person’s interest shouldn’t be counted into just passion for selling but the person must be passionate about the company too. Give him chance to ask questions about your company. Observe the questions-is it difficult or he is asking just for the sake? Passion for the company in the candidate will define his terms of service in the company. 


Not only here, but the quality organisation plays an important role in the life of every individual. Because only an organised person is able to carry each and every task well.

If a person have cluttered mind, he will always remain distracted from his work and everything. However, a person’s appearance and body etiquette are enough to tell how well he is organised. Still, you can question him about how well they manage their time.

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