Thursday, April 5, 2018


How Data Science Course can help High school students

Data science is one of the most important subjects of the 21st century. It deals with the identification, representation, and extraction of meaningful information from a huge volume of the data source to be used for business purposes.  According to a popular job portal, large corporate houses are hunting talented data scientists that can turn overwhelming amounts of data into actionable insights. This is the main reason for introducing data science course at the high school level. Many college graduates are now gearing their education towards a career in data science. They are enrolling themselves in data scienceto remain a step ahead than others. In this article how the high school student would prepare themselves for a career in data science would be briefly discussed.

·         Pick a major that will translate to a data science career
Unfortunately, most of the colleges and universities do not offer major programs or courses in data science. We have seen that data scientist and the famous top-ranked big data and machine learning influencer Kirk Borne have studied astrophysics in his graduation level. Not only this, U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil opted for mathematics in his bachelor’s degree. Now he is working with the Titans in the tech industry like LinkedIn, eBay, etc.

So, it can be said that the high school students should pick up major like Statistics, computer science, physical sciences to translate them to a data science career. Your majors are only there to be put in your career profile in job portals. So, it does not matter much if you are not able to study data science as a major in graduate level. What really matters is the skill that would help you to break into a data science career. In addition to the major subject you have selected, you can also enroll in an online course for data science which would help you to grasp the knowledge related to data science.

·         Research with a professor
As an undergraduate student, the next big step to propel into a career in data science would be to research with a professor. This is one great advantage for the undergraduate students at a research university. They get an opportunity to work alongside the highly talented professors. Completing a lab research has numerous benefits like the high level of learning, publishing and presenting a paper in an international journal, receiving a letter of recommendation from them and ultimately developing the skills of data science.

 But you should be very clear about one thing from the very beginning. The professors are only welcoming to the curious and hardworking students, who are exceptionally talented in their subjects. You can go through the vast majority of technology-based journals to have a clear idea of the theories and application of data science as a subject. Data science is a hot topic, so you would get numerous articles on it in the open access journals of computer science, technology-based journals, and computer software journals. Reading them would help you to prepare for the research-based projects which you would likely do under the professors.

·         Prepare for Post Graduation in a Data Science Related Course
A majority of the data scientist do not complete their education after achieving their bachelor’s degree. Most of them go for a Ph.D. or a post graduate degree in a subject which is closely connected to data science. You may also train yourself through the boot camps or online workshops on data science. It helps them to hone specific skills like Hadoop for Big Data Querying or machine learning. In addition to this if you had enrolled yourself in an online course on data science during your graduation days you would be technically ahead than your peers.

Finally, it can be said that though it is difficult to study courses for data science as a major during the graduate and postgraduate level in the formal universities. But there are numerous other ways by which the high school students can prepare themselves for a career in data science.

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