Friday, April 20, 2018

Ecommerce Management – What’s New

The advent of ecommerce has bought with it chaos and disruption as it has completely altered the way millions of people shop. Given the drastic change that it has bought, there hasn’t been any significant change in the management of several ecommerce businesses as the majority of them haven’t really evolved.
Taking care of a business requires a lot of concentrated efforts, even more so in an industry as vibrant as ecommerce as it can be a stressful endeavour. It requires careful planning, strategizing and fool proof decision-making on a daily basis.
Ecommerce managers have to keep in line with the emerging trends in technology,customer experience and service, marketing and advertising of products, packaging and shipping. These managers have to look after employee, customer and supplier management. This can be quite a task because in a field like ecommerce, companies grow from being a start-up one day to a mid-market on the very next day.
Majority of the ecommerce companies fail to understand that there is more than one approach to run a business or characterise a management structure. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a strict hierarchy and static job descriptions have to be followed to see real-time results. For all you know, these approaches are what might be damaging your business’s capability to flourish.
To break free of the shackles that hold back a business from functioning to its full capacity, several ideas need to be amalgamated and organised to manage your ecommerce business to the best of its ability.
Here, we have compiled a list of concepts that will help you take your ecommerce venture to the next level. Some of these ideas may come across as radical, but then again, so is ecommerce.
Holocracy is by far the most innovative suggestion on the list. This is basically the technique of running determined, receptive and self-managed companies. The approach to understand Holocracy is to look closely at the way cities are organised.
Observe the innermost workings of the way companies are structured. It somewhat resembles a feudal empire. There are kings, queens, lords, barons and peasants and this indeed is the crux of every structure. It is broken down in a hierarchy that is feudal with vague boundaries over who is the boss of who. Holocracy is all about making workplaces more successful just like growing and developing cities. This is exactly whyZappos who incorporated Holocracy became an established and well-respected leader in the ecommerce realm.
Adopt Holocracy if you aren’t too happy with the way your business is functioning.
Coding Is Done By Everyone
Ecommerce will collapse without the application of technology and every ecommerce business at some level competes with software and its functions. One online seller might be giving a tough competition to its counterpart just because it has superior technology. This is perhaps the case at the moment for e-merchants who have adopted progressive web applications, Gzip compression and even http/2.
Given the importance that coding holds, imagine what it would be like if everyone codes or if you put across an ‘everyone codes policy’ for all your employees. A thorough understanding of the way web technologies work and what it takes to add features and specifications that help employees make better and informed decisions and set better goals will make a huge difference.
All The Employees Help Customers
Akin to ‘everyone codes policy’, ecommerce businesses should also consider a ‘customer service is done by everyone’ tactic as well. For instance, picture an ecommerce venture that provides live chat services to its customers. Every employee from the CEO to the research executive takes turns in chatting with customers to address their queries and concerns.
This exercise can help everyone understand how to cater to customers and serve them better.
Employ Remote Workers
There’s no denying that managing remote workers is difficult, however the payoff is well worth the effort.Remote workers are often more dynamic, more lucrative and more loyal to your business. For instance, your company must be hiring a director of marketing with an impressive experience and track record. But, unfortunately the candidate of your choice might not be located in the same city as your company but is willing to work for you from their location.
Your company will have to take a call if it really is important to ensure that everyone is present in the same location or to make sure that you employ only the best people for the job irrespective of where they come from.
Application of these concepts will make your ecommerce venture almost unbeatable and unstoppable from dominating the market.

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