Tuesday, April 24, 2018

5 reasons why group assignments are bad for you

Some university courses will expect you to undertake a group assignment. Sometimes, this task will go smoothly, other times it will fail. They can be set as part of your ongoing assessment or as part of the process that you will need to follow when you are thinking how to write my dissertation. If you have been working in a group and you think that it is not working properly, this can negatively impact on progress and the outcome of the entire projects. Group assignments are not the best because:

#1 You may end up doing the majority of the work

When it comes to working on a group assignment, there will always be members of the group who will do as little as possible to help out. They are busy, there has been some crisis or they just don’t turn up to study sessions and it means that you are left with a decision. Either wait for them to contribute and run the risk of failing the assignment or carry on with the project without them and do their work as well as your own.

#2 Problems with assigning work

With a group assignment it is often the case that one piece of work will be researched and written by the group. However, if you don’t get along with members of your group or there is little communication it can make the assignment almost impossible. With this task it is important that each person in the group understands what they have to do from the outset, and which sections of the essay they are responsible for. Failure to have a clear action plan so everyone is absolutely sure about what they have to do can result in duplicate work or certain topics not being covered in detail or in some instances, not at all! The last thing you want is to submit an assignment but miss a major concept or topic because you didn’t have a clear plan of action in your group.

#3 Control

There may be someone in your group who is overly controlling or who won’t entertain any ideas put forward by any other member of the group. This person wants to coordinate the entire process and have the final say on everything.

#4 Time Limits

You are concerned that things are not progressing and you are going to miss the deadline. The way in which a group works together can ultimately determine the success or failure of a group assignment, particularly when there are multiple assignment writers contributing to the project.

#5 Course Material

Sometimes you may have a member of the group who has missed a lot of university for one reason or another and they are really behind with their studies, or they may just not understand the topic. This can cause serious delays while they either catch up or clarify their understanding of certain points.

If any of these problems occur, it can cause stress, sleepless nights and cause problems with other areas of study. It is really important that if you do encounter any issues with a group assignment, they are tackled early on and you consult your tutor if things aren’t working out.

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