Monday, March 12, 2018

What the HR support does when an employee wants to quit

The employees are the very core of the company. Without them, the company won’t function well and won’t even hit longevity.  But there are some cases where the employee feels like he or she no longer belongs to the company. Employees who want to quit often has tons of reasons on why they want to leave the company. It might be because of financial reasons, or even personal goals getting in the way of what the company wants. Either way, these situations are often shouldered by the human resource support. It’s up to them to figure out the most graceful and professional way to handle these situations. Below are some tips on how one human resource professional should handle employees who want to quit.

Figure it out

Of course, the human resource professional should figure out first if the employee wants to quit or not. There are various signs that can help in figuring out if the employee wants to quit. They might be always absent, feigning sickness but in fact are actually looking for jobs outside the company. Or they are no longer performing well, saying that their job no longer inspires them. Once you see the signs or hear any talk of quitting, then it’s time for a sit-down talk.

Talk it out

Talking with the employee helps the HR support learn the reasons why the said employee wants to quit. Various reasons can be behind the employee’s decision. It might be the compensation is too low to provide for the employee and his or her family. It might be because of a career shift – the work that they are doing no longer fuels their passion and they want to pursue something else. Note that these worries are all valid and should be taken seriously. Comforting the employee and telling him or her that these reasons will be taken into consideration by the management can help them feel ease and maybe put their trust back to the company.

Create a counter offer

In case the employee decides to quit, then the human resource professional will have to have a meeting with the top management. The HR support and the management will now plan if they should put a counter offer or not to the employee. It all depends on the work that the employee is doing. If the employee is valuable on the job and he or she can only be the one who can handle the work, then the management might offer a counter offer. But if there are like three other people who are doing the same job as the employee and finding a replacement isn’t hard, then they might let the employee go. 

Arrange the handover

Another factor that a human resource support will plan out is the handover. In case the employee refuses the counter offer and really decides on resigning, the human resource professional and the management has the right to not let go the employee until thirty days. This one month notice will let the human resource to find a replacement and let the former employee train them and do the handover. The human resource professional must come up with a timeline so that the handover and training will go as smoothly as possible.

Handle the documents

Aside from the handover, the human resource needs to be busy on the employee’s documents. He or she will need to do the administrative tasks like creating the final payroll, release documents, clearance, handling over gadgets and so on. These will be given to the former employee. This is needed to be done smoothly so that there won’t be any bad blood between the former employee and the company.

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