Sunday, March 25, 2018

How to Train Yourself- Online Education

Education is the prime need for survival in today's world. The vast expanse of the Internet and online era has made it easier to gain knowledge within clicks, anytime and anywhere. One does not necessarily have to enrol in a college or an institute for that matter. Online education is a trend today, growing with each day. The trick is to self-educate rather than formally swallowing whatever comes to your plate. 

If you are interested in imbibing knowledge all by yourself, this article is going to help you find better courses in your desired field.

I have bookmarked many resources based on their majority of focus on a particular topic on the subject. 

1.      Open Education Consortium
Open Education Consortium is a licensed global platform for public education, providing several genres of courses for free. They make an effort to list out all the material available in colleges and university and offer it for free. Perks of OEC are that you can search for your comfort language out of the 20 and browse for your specific topic. They cover about 5000 courses only in English including a lot of literature and history. They have members all over the world and becoming a member requires some fees which they subsidise in case of extreme financial crisis. A membership gives you access to their private publications, magazines, events (free entry) and becoming a part of the student body. Visit the website from time to time to be aware of the new activities and projects that are of immense importance.

2.      Khan Academy
The Academy is a video-based learning place. The range of their subjects and topics includes elementary to college math, engineering and science, computing, economics and finance, arts & humanities, etc. They have a separate list of Test prep course that helps you prepare for multiple complex exams like SAT, MCAT, GMAT and others. Khan Academy has a personalises your education based on your ability and qualification. The academy is accessible to everyone - Teachers, learner as well as parents. Their sign up procedure is free, charging you no money to learn. Khan Academy has more than 3000 videos that are broken down into sections for better understanding. Video learning has always been more comfortable, and with Khan Academy, it can be a piece of cake.

3.      MIT Open Courseware
MIT Open Courseware is a joint initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to offer all the courses taught at the big-name college, for free. The website posts a wide range of course material that you can search by department. The course chosen will inform you about the original date and person who taught at the institute and gives you all the essential details to pursue 100% knowledge of the subject or the topic. The best part is that you can download the course and go through it according to your convenience. 

4.      Coursera
Coursera is another leading online educational website offering more than 500 courses ranging from Introduction to Guitar to Constitutional Law, all from well-known institutes. It is just another chance to learn the same subject you wanted, but could not get into the elite college due to lack of money. Coursera also has specialization in specific courses that benefit to get a job. Coursera partners with the leading universities like Standford, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Berklee College of Music and other 160 partners across 29 countries. You can also search for online courses discount codes on Dealvoucherz.

5.      iTunes U
iTunes U helps you access many of the online courses away from your computer, on any of IOS devices. You can download the required material from the app and collect assignments from students, start class discussions and debate, talk one-on-one with your classmates and a lot more. iTunes U offers free content via public courses from leading universities. They have different sections for students and instructors that have a gist of all essentials for learning. It allows easy assignment hand-ins to teachers and submissions without having to travel to the college. You can even share your favourite courses with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc.

6.      TED
TED talks are by far the most effective source of online education with negotiations and discussions with the legends themselves. Choose a field of your interest and find more than a handful of informative videos and participate in the TED events to be a living part of the community. If you are a fan of learning, TED is the right place to get involved with the current scenario. TED satiates your craving for ideas and innovations with their short books, blogs and newsletters.
The best part about online education is you aren't bound to time and place. It's easier to learn in a comfortable environment without any bells to interrupt.

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