Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Complete Guide To ISB-YLP Admission Program

Do you want to become a great mentor? Mentorship is a matter of huge responsibilities and this is why the mentors need to acquire specialized knowledge. ISB-YLP has now taken the responsibility of producing great leaders every year and this is why prospective candidates are crazily trying to get admission in it. In this respect, ISB YLP admissions consulting will definitely come as a great assistance to the candidates.
This kind of consulting can be received only from industry experts. ISB-YLP programmes are usually organized for creating young leaders from different industries. These programmes have been organized by some of the greatest leaders who have achieved a huge success in their corporate life. They provide proper guidance and training to the newcomers. If you want to get a great career ahead then you should definitely join this programme.

Why choose ISB-YLP?

  • Mentorship-skills can be developed and these skills will help you become a successful leader in your professional career ahead.
  • Network-opportunities can be received by joining the programs of ISM-YLP. These opportunities can make you connected to industry-leaders directly.
  • PGP flagship-programme can be now easily attended if you attend ISM-YLP. In this case, work-experience of about nine-months is needed.
  • YLP-scholarships can be gained and these scholarships are now considered as one of the major highlights of ISB-YLP programmes. Almost one-lakh of scholarship is being granted.
ISB YLP admissions consulting can help you to clear the stages that are involved in the application or admission procedure.

Stage: 1

  • College-letter or student’s ID-card.
  • Resume for full one-page.
  • Signed integrity-statement.
  • Academic certificates including mark-sheets.
  • Recent color-photos in passport-size.
  • Essays on provided topics.
  • Extra-curriculum info.
  • Academic info.
You got to make the submission of these details so that experts can conduct proper screening of your profile. If you are through then you will be allowed to take part in the next-level.

Stage: 2

In this stage, essay-writing is the main thing. Two essays need to be written and submitted. Within the format, two-recommendations should be provided by applicants.
  • Passport main-page should be scanned for revealing citizenship, birth-date and passport name and number.
  • GMAT and TOEFL score.
Admission-office will verify the whole application-form so that applicant-shortlisting can be easily done.

Stage: 3

If you get selected in the second-stage then you will get a call for an interview. Same-country candidates will get face-to-face interviews while candidates abroad will receive Skype or voice-call interviews.

Things to be remembered:

  • All the above stages need to be fulfilled efficiently otherwise the application will become incomplete. Incomplete application forms will not take you to the final stage.
  • The application forms are being reviews efficiently by the concerned authority-members for shortlisting proficient candidates.
  • Campus-preference should be clearly stated otherwise necessary accommodations will not be made by the concerned authority.
Only excellent candidates are being chosen so that great leaders can be produced by ISB-YLP. The chosen candidates are allowed to participate in Post-graduate programmes in management. A perfect guide towards success is being offered to the selected candidates. Existing potentials are being effectively nurtured only by means of valuable ISB YLP admissions consulting. This consulting can be now received from various sources.

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