Thursday, December 28, 2017


Things To Consider When Planning For A Successful Gap Year

You have passed the high school with flying colors. Now, you are stepping towards the more realistic version of specific education that is ultimately going to set your future. You have got a year’s time to gain a mature outlook towards the next step you will be taking without making silly mistakes.

Build your self-confidence in broadening the horizon of making your life worthy by taking a gap year or sabbatical year. Indulge yourself in a beneficial and meaningful activity like traveling to some exotic places. Know and feel the culture, tradition and explore the nature.

Utilise the precious moments wisely. Follow the top tips when taking a gap year:

Be careful about money

Get hold of traveler’s cheques. It is safe when you are traveling abroad because they are refundable. You don’t have to worry about losing them. The unique serial number and your sign will be the proof that they belong to you. When you go for cash exchange in banks, hotels and changing bureaus, your passport and signature will be required to show.

Keep some amount of local currencies of the native place

If you wish to buy your desired things from the local shops of the area you have visited, you need to pay cash of that particular country. So, before you set your foot forward for leaving, load your debit and credit card with few amounts of the provincial currencies.
Be in contact with your parents and guardians

Your gap year can be a life-altering experience. Research thoroughly about the dispatching organisation. Take a thorough look at their history and speak to the former travelers. Your parents should discuss with the designated authorities before sending you.

Nowadays, keeping contacts with family and friends are no more a herculean task as the social media like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. have hugged us with real-time updates. Plus, Google map, TravelPod, etc. have made it easy for everybody to reach every corner of the world without taking directions from complete strangers.

Your travel-kit must have:

Visa, work permit, insurance certificate, passport, vaccination information, doctor’s prescription, required medicine, driving license, health insurance, significant contact numbers, immunisation card, guidebook, map, traveler’s cheques, local changes, water, dry food, extra clothes, sanitation box, your country’s embassy papers, etc.

Get accident coverage

One of the top tips when taking a gap year is to be prepared for any unfortunate mishap. Moreover, your policy must include the medical costs.

Shop intelligently 

Don’t fall prey to cheaters.

Act smartly

Always seek advice and ask questions to governmental counters and police, and not any amateurs. Don’t hurry and panic in case you get into trouble.

Don’t break law at any cost

Every country has unique rules and regulations. Acquire some knowledge of the customs, laws, and conventions of the place you are supposed to visit. Stay away from illegal acts even if they seem tempting to you. Contact the national embassy if you fear trouble.

The gap year is not going to come back in your life repeatedly. Therefore, enjoy it independently but with responsibility and come back being more mature with a boosted CV radiating your potentiality.

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