Thursday, December 7, 2017

Requirements for Qualifying as a Teacher

One of the most important and rewarding careers today is teaching; its popularity has made it a highly competitive career, and standard requirements for qualifying as a teacher are rigorous. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, or already embarking on this career path, it is necessary know what you need to accomplish in order to secure a teaching position. The following is a list of key requirements for essentially all levels of teaching:
1. Bachelor’s degree: To qualify as a teacher, a candidate must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree, usually with a degree in the education field. Most four-year universities have educational degrees, and will often work with you to get you in your desired field. All professional teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree, making it a necessary step.

2. Student Teaching: All levels of teaching require a student teaching internship, which requires a certain amount of credit hours spend most of a semester observing and interacting with a teacher and classroom. Depending on what age group you intend to teach, you will be placed in a classroom that will facilitate your on-the-job education. Observation is essential when training to become a teacher, as it will allow you to see the process in action. It will also help you to get comfortable with a classroom environment and interact with the students, a necessary step in the educational process. This qualifying step can seem daunting, but it will push you out of your comfort zone and prepare you to be an educator.

3.  State Certification: Each state has different certifications and licenses from teachers, and continued education is expected from all teachers. Good standing in all areas of certification is expected, and rigid standards are maintained to ensure up-to-date certification. Do your research; look online to see what certificates are required of you, and communicate with your educators and peers to get a handle on the maintenance of this qualification. Paperwork and continuing education is part of the job of an educator, and you must prepare for this inevitability.
            These are the minimal requirements to qualify as a teacher; higher levels, like secondary and postsecondary, require a doctoral degree, which takes 8 years on average to complete. Depending on the age you plan to educate, your qualifications can vary greatly, so do your research. Some geographical areas have higher demand for teachers, while in other areas there is an oversaturation of teacher’s looking for jobs. To qualify as a teacher, you must have your wits about you, as there are many moving parts that can affect your education and career. If you want to make this a career, regardless of the level, you need to be highly organized and effective with your time. Thankfully, teaching certificates are often easily transferred between areas, which makes it relatively easy to follow the work. Not only that, transferring credentials to another country is also possible, and many teachers are taking advantage of going overseas. Although qualifying to be a teacher can seem complicated, just stay organized and focused and you will excel in your career as an educator.
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