Thursday, December 21, 2017

Qualities of a Good Science Teacher

Those who want to have a sound career in the field of science must have a good hold on the subjects such as Physics. The school teachers doubtlessly try hard to provide the best of the learning to each student, but they have to face a few challenges also that prove difficult for the learners to have sound command on the subject. Hence in this age private coaching is a must for almost every learner.

A good science teacher must have the following qualities:
  • Knowledge of child’s learning process and psychology
  • Well aware of latest technique
  • Required educational background
  • A good science teacher must be well aware of the child’s psychology. He must be able to learn each child’s capability and meet the requirements of every individual. Moreover, a science teacher should be rational, have a scientific temper, free of superstitions and bias, inquisitive, and innovative. He must evaluate his methods of teaching so that he improves with every passing day.
  • A good science teacher must be skilled in the latest techniques of science. He must employ new and innovative methods of teaching. He must be well versed in the knowledge of flora and fauna, development of viviria, aquaria, terraria, techniques of assessment, unit and lesson planning, use and maintenance of science libraries.
  • The science teacher must have the basic qualification required as per norms of the education dept. The teachers in ib physics tuition have all these qualities. Some of the additional qualities possessed by the skilled faculty of the institution are:
1. Sincerity:
A good science teacher should love his profession. He should be dedicated and commit sincerely towards his work and duties. He must be a role model for his students.

2. Learned and Studious:
A good science teacher must have a desirable taste for reading. He should be well versed with the latest technologies concerning his subject. His love for the subject should inspire his students to learn more.

3.  Good communicator:
A good teacher should have good communication skills. His way of delivering the lecture should be easy and effective. His sketching and blackboard skills should be bold and neat.

4. Simple speaking:
The ib home physics tutor in Gurgaon has skilled teachers who come to the home for private tuitions. They deliver the lecture in a lucid manner. They make the learning process easy and help the student in every aspect. They use the innovative ways of teaching so that the student not only reads but also understands the topic.

5. Impartial attitude:
A good science teacher should be free of any prejudice and bias. He should not discriminate between his students and should avoid antagonism and favouritism. He must be a role model for his students.

6. Hard worker:
A good teacher sets his own example in front of his pupils. He should be able to inspire his learners and take a keen interest in their studies. His patience and dedication should inculcate good reading habits in his students.

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