Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Have You Learnt Spark Yet?

As the big data analytics industry grows older and more candidates flock toward this lucrative field of work the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. There is a visible gap between the demand and supply of Analytics talent but having the right skill set matters the most.

At this moment Apache Spark is among those tools that have had a tremendous impact on the analytics industry. There are a good many reasons why you should learn Spark if you have not already. Let us take a look at few of those.

Spark makes good of previous investments made on Hadoop

Hadoop had been a poster child for big data for years. Companies have invested abundantly on the cluster based storage system of Hadoop. Now Spark has come up as a perfect complement to Hadoop.

The real time analysis enabled by Apache Spark is the future of data analytics and it works brilliantly on top of Hadoop. So, with Spark it is possible to make good use of the existing Hadoop ecosystem while enjoying greater processing speed and better effect.

A favourable tool for Machine Learning

Spark provides in-memory computing which creates better performance benefits than Hadoop’s cluster storage approach used to provide. Spark caches and distributes data in memory which helps data scientists to write machine learning algorithms with a faster pace and more effectively. If you are looking at a prospect of the working with data science, undergoing Spark big data training is a good idea. In 2016 IBM announced that it will educate 1 million people with Spark skills. This tells how important this new piece of technology is.

Companies are embracing Spark with great speed

Spark does not only works on top of Hadoop ecosystem but is a potent tool all by itself too. The number of companies adapting and working with Spark is increasing rapidly. Consequently Spark skills are becoming increasingly important for candidates looking forward to join the analytics workforce.

The salary factor

It is found that Spark developers in the USA have enjoyed an increment of up to $11,000. The fact that Spark skills help you get a much higher salary is a proven fact in respect to markets.Spark has found more contributes and more adapting companies than any other open source systems overseen by Apache. Naturally there is increased demand for the skills.

A good number of Spark courses available to help new candidates receive Spark big data training. With its real time analytical abilities, in-memory computing and great processing speed, Spark is the new star of the big data bandwagon. Get ready for your ride to success with Spark.

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