Friday, December 15, 2017


Checking Job Fit for Candidates through the Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is a process of determining the ability of the candidate on the job. This forms the method of testing the situational responses of the person with the idea of judging his or her skills in dealing with a state of affairs. In most cases, this is a written response test and they test the mental ability of the person.

Aspects of the Aptitude test

When one talks about the Job Aptitude Test, one means a whole range of questions under different topics. They will consist of these in general:
  1. Logical reasoning
  2. Numerical analysis
  3. Managerial abilities
  4. Verbal expertise
  5. Diagrammatic reasoning
  6. Situational judgment
The aptitude test might apply to a whole range of job openings. For instance, you use the test for clerical postings, management positions, programming jobs, and so on. The amount and complexity of the questions asked in each of the above-mentioned sections will vary according to the job opening.

Importance of questions in each section

So, the amount and weight of the questions in Managerial abilities for a clerical posting will remain less while it will remain more in a management position. For the sales position, they will call up the people who score more in verbal expertise. You do not want the managerial types at your interview for the salesman opening. The testing for the programmers is more complicated. They might have to score more in the diagrammatic reasoning and numerical analysis parts.

The software companies that make these tests will provide the question banks for each job opening. They will give the correct weight to the questions in different sections so that they are able to find out about the candidate in depth. Recruiting companies will contact the software companies that provide the questions and check whether they have question banks on the topic of their choice. They then use these questions to screen the candidates.

Questions added by the recruiting company

You may add your own custom question to the Job Aptitude Test question bank before you ask the candidates to answer them. This helps you determine the people who know the subjects you want them to know. For instance, if your concern makes dish antennae you might add one or two questions about the working or use of the dish antenna. You call up all the candidates who answer this question right. This helps you block those who you are not interested in. By interviewing fewer candidates, you can spend more time at a lower cost.

A quick look at the tests

To get an idea of the tests here is a brief preview. In the verbal reasoning, the candidates must go through short passages and answer questions related to the passage. Depending on the industry, the recruiting company might check for reasoning, grammar, completeness of answer, and more. In the numerical ability test, the questions will aim to establish the skill of the candidate in working with mathematical formulae and numbers. He or she must show knowledge of numbers.

You need the aptitude tests for screening candidates who are the best fit for the job. Check the sample questions provided by the software companies before you settle for one.

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