Thursday, November 30, 2017

On the Go: Mobile Recruiting is the New Recruitment

The human resources management are often over-burdened with interviews, evaluations, group-discussions, hiring, and overhauling talent acquisition models, software, and processes. It just doesn’t stop at talent acquisition as talent management goes way beyond it to extend to the dimensions of talent engagement, performance review,feedback,and succession planning.

Add to that continuous personal overhaul with best HR certifications to keep climbing the career ladder and to emerge as a leader in the human resources domain. An easy way out is using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This new knowledge of ATS usage has been incorporated in top HR certifications these days to add to the skills sets of talent practitioners. But hiring has stepped far ahead of ATS on desktops and now moved onto mobile apps and platforms.

What’s the problem with traditional methods of recruiting is by the time you are free from other human resources obligations to check candidates who are right for the organizational success, they are taken away by your competitors. It’s always great to do what the world is doing and mobile recruiting is one such thing. The bottlenecks with traditional methods can be removed by leveraging the mobile platform.           

The mobiles offer a completely different experience and just isn’t an extension of the desktop and it’s omnipresent everywhere and you have the option of logging in, looking at the candidates, manage schedules of interviews, submission of feedback, and collaborate with different teams. You don’t even need skills certified by the best HR certifications to use the apps and platforms for mobile recruiting. It doesn’t mean you can prove your credentials without these top HR certifications, of course!

The teams which are involved in the mobile recruitment can collaborate on the mobile hiring platforms just like any social media account, comment, like, update on any candidate’s responsibilities and roles. The jobs can be referred to other HR friends and colleagues to get a number of employee referrals. There is the availability of text messaging apps, contacts access on phone, and option of sending invites to people who might be interested in the kinds of jobs you are posting.

The hiring managers are never away from recruitment with the help of mobile recruitment. Instant notifications and approval status of offers and acquisitions are sent to the HR managers round the clock. The documentation and detailing of the candidates has to be done and it can also be done by the usage of human resources apps available on different operating systems. The requisition of rejection notices and setting up of rejection notices is convenient with mobile hiring platforms.

Another advantage of the mobile-based hiring platform is the collaboration with previous employers and colleagues of the employees to get to know, the candidates to be hired, better. All of these adopted processes and systems besides the knowledge you gain from top HR certifications ensure there is an elimination of hiring bad hire. Mobile hiring adds power to the capabilities achieved by best HR certifications.

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