Thursday, October 19, 2017

Learning typing skills for kids

Now-a-days working on a computer is the basic for work on everyday basis.  While kids are getting educated on computers and they use it on a regular basis, it is essential to know the typing skills so as to finish their tasks efficiently and quickly. Hence, knowing the correct placement of hands and fingers and being able to blindly touch the right keys is essential. However, gone are those days where you get boring lessons on kids typing skills. For kids to learn anything new, it ought to be interesting. Thanks to developing ways to teaching new things to children, teaching skills has also got easy.

Teaching method:

There are 4 levels with 3 stages in each of it. Each stage teaches new things and gets difficult as they move ahead. Animated characters are used as teachers to teach the kids about their finger placement so as to teach them full utilization of keyword without any stress. With colorful and animated animal characters, kids typing courses are loved and an interactive way. With colorful animations of different animals and different songs from each animal after completing each level, it attracts kids for a fun filled learning making a boring typing class into a much awaited session. There is even a support system to prompt keys which help the kids to get back on track if they are lost at any point. While the kid is learning from the comfort of their chair, they are also introduced to different scenes from different students worldwide, which also expose them to socialize and learn together. 

Why dance mat typing?

Today’s kids are very familiar with computers and gadgets with hardly any guidance required from elders. However, they still need guidance in order make their learning easy and simple. However, gone are those days where kids used to learn in a talk and chalk method.  Education systems have changed and also show that kids learn faster and much efficiently if they are taught the concept in their own fun way.  Using audio and visual files is in fact one of the best ways to get kids involved in learning. Dance mat typing is exactly the same. And which parent does not like an easier and much loved way to get new things learned by their kid? While Dance mat typing does not need any signup and login and is absolutely free, kids will love the fun way of learning to type. So, by the time they finish this course, you get a young typist who needs no help and guidance with the keyboard and can type blindly and smoothly.


Typing is a much essential skill. A blind touch of keyboard improves the accuracy and speed and helps in a smoother flow of thoughts. Knowing the correct placing of hands and finger also avoids unnecessary physical stress, thereby resulting in a smooth work. And when it comes to kids, having a fn filled way to teach a basic skill like typing is much appreciated by parents.

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