Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Finding a perfect job in Malaysia

It is never easy to find a job that suits your needs. Mostly you have to compromise on something or the other to hold a job being in such a competitive environment. The world is becoming competitive day by day and everyone is looking for an opportunity to outclass the rest. Being a job seeker, you might wants to enlist some to-do in order to start your search for jobs in Malaysia. Even though this particular article stresses pon Malaysian job hunting, however, some principles applies to any part of the world.

Here are some simple tips for finding a perfect job for you in Malaysia:-
1.       Search the local job directory – Job directory is the first place where you should start looking for jobs in Malaysia. Almost every human resource department have their job listings updated for your convenience. For instance, there are links provided for marketing executive jobs in Malaysia where you can click and apply directly via the site or you can even personally contact the HR department of hiring companies. Some of the known and famous job directories are Jobstreet, Malaysian Central, Jen jobs etc. if you are interested in government jobs, then they also have a separate portal for vacancies in government sector.

2.       Recruitment agencies – Apart from job directories, you can also get signed up with some recruitment agencies. Even though most of the job seekers like to search the internet rather than signing up with them because they charge a particular fee, yet they are a better option than job directories. On job directories you keep applying rigorously and keep waiting for someone to respond. However, by paying a certain amount of fees to recruitment agencies, they are bound to provide you with the latest opening in the market. Also, some recruitment agencies do not charge you upfront. They would rather charge directly from the first payout. Therefore, in order to earn money, these agencies would work upside down to get you a job.

3.       Manually searching – As an individual, you always have a choice of searching for a job yourself. By physically visiting the recruiting companies and submitting your resume to HR department for a particular opening. Although, this kind of job hunting is an obsolete method because most of the companies requires appointment to visit HR departments. Also, it is a very time consuming and effort taking way of searching jobs. Imagine if someone is looking for Singapore job for Malaysian, then physical application posting is impossible.

4.       Send emails rigorously – If you are not visiting the companies physically, you can also send your job applications through emails. Almost every company today have their contact details of HR listed on their official websites. You can send an official email regarding your job application along with your resume and cover letter. Make sure you have presentable resume in order to have good first impression. You can send 100 applications a day and wait for atleast 2 to revert from them. If your profile suits business requirement, then you would definitely receive a call back.

5.       Newspapers This is the last and the oldest method of job hunting. Whether you are looking for a part-time job in KL or looking for a sales executive job in Malaysia, all reputed companies would have their ads listed in newspaper. So, if you don’t have a habit of reading newspapers, then it might be the time you would want to purchase it. 
If you follow any of the above listed methods, you would surely find a job that suits your education and matches your profile. These tips would definitely help the job seekers in Malaysia to find a perfect job for them.

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