Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things you should consider before winning Thailand lottery

Getting a lottery ticket or even having a thought of getting it is something that almost everyone might have experienced once at least in their life. Getting an instant Thailand lottery ticket is a common habit for some people while there are some people who do not get it much often. Instant Thailand lottery ticket has the tickets designed and distributed amongst the lottery retailers throughout the state. Most of the convenience stores and large chain stores sell these tickets. 

One can also find these tickets in the vending machine with multiple design and price range to choose from. The price range of the instant Thailand lottery ticket starts from a very low range and is affordable. There are other types of lottery games also that are of a small and big range depending on the jackpot prize. But before you win the prize, it is important for you to keep few advices in your head and heart.

Don’t make a promise if you cannot keep it:

Don’t promise and tell someone that if you win the Thailand lottery prize, then you will clear the mortgage amount or if you win then you will buy the person a new car. It is very easy to say and promise something like this, but when the time comes that you win the lottery, you may forget what you promised. But the person whom you made the promise will remember it and will come to you to collect the due or the gift that you promised. 

Just before the lottery results, don’t trust anyone to hold your ticket:

It is important that you do not let others hold your lottery tickets just when the lottery results will be declared. Especially when a large sum of money is involved, sometimes long-term family relation or friendships also become meaningless. So be smart and keep the lottery ticket with you just before the drawing takes place. 

Have a budget:

Have a budget for your Thailand lottery ticket. If you cannot buy the ticket in your budget, then you can pool your money with friends, family or co-workers. This makes the lottery playing process more enjoyable, and at the same time, it increases your lottery budget.

Have a signed agreement:

When you have decided to pool your money with others, then it is important that you sign an agreement with all the members. This will reduce the chances of having any future conflicts if the lottery ticket wins.

Keep the ticket safe:

It is important that you keep the Thailand lottery ticket safe in a place that who can easily access later on without anyone knowing about it. After the lottery results are out, you should check the ticket immediately. If you win then collect the prize right away before the expiration date. 

Trust your instinct:

Although trusting your instinct and gut feeling does not work every time and for everyone, you can still choose a certain number when you have a very strong feeling about it. Always have a winner’s mindset and think of yourself as a lucky person and as a winner.

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