Friday, September 15, 2017

Learn Music by Learning the Piano: A Remarkable Journey

There are many great reasons to learn the piano and they vary from one person to another. Some older people take lessons so they can use the piano as a way to relax and relieve stress. It also helps stimulate their minds and can improve physical coordination. Younger people may have completely different motivations. They might choose to learn to play so they can perform music with friends or even entertain people with their music.

Children often find the piano entertaining and fun, especially when they’re able to play some of their favourite songs. This activity is also great for younger people because it exercises the brain, teaches mental discipline, and can improve the memory. But there’s another reason for taking piano lessons, especially for those who are just beginning to learn music.
More Than Physical Benefits
When young children as early as age four learn music on the piano, they are stimulating parts of the brain that will improve speech, memory, and fine motor skills. But starting out on piano delivers a benefit that beginning on another instrument does not. When you look at the piano, you are seeing music in physical form with the individual notes and the octaves visually displayed. Taking this training can make learning to play any other instrument much easier because you’ve already developed the ability to visualise music.
Of course, learning any instrument will lead to reading music notation on the staff and this can be transferred to the piano keys very smoothly. Taking lessons can also help young people learn self-discipline and give them a goal to look forward to every day. When these activities are combined, the individual will understand how long notes are played and he or she will learn about musical “time” and beats in a measure. Studies have also shown that academic performance can improve with the addition of piano lessons to the weekly activity calendar. Improvement can be made in math, science, and reading.
Parents may want to learn about piano class in Singapore because it’s also been shown that learning to play an instrument can go a long way toward improving a person’s self-esteem. Many young people get a sense of accomplishment and are more likely to socialise because of their newfound interest. The piano is also one of the most widely known and widely played instruments. The music from a piano crosses all national and international boundaries, producing a remarkable range of notes and tones.
Great Teacher
It’s important to have a great teacher when you start piano lessons. That person will probably be able to perform music that you’ll enjoy listening to because of his or her experience and skill. But the most important characteristic of an effective teacher is his or her ability to pass on his or her love of the instrument to the student. What you should look for first is someone who can guide you on a musical journey with one-on-one attention that fits each student.

If this sounds as if it is something that could improve your life or give your child a great musical start, get in touch with a leading school today. Get started now. You’ll be glad that you did. 

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