Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Why the Microsoft (MS) Excel Assessment Test is Important

Microsoft (MS) Excel test is a very important assessment test in most of the companies as it helps to assess the applicants excel skills prior to their joining. The newer version of the Excel is known as Microsoft Excel 2016. Most of the companies use this newer version in order to get the best results in their works. The particular assessment test is basically referred to as the Microsoft Excel skills assessment test (2016) and it is designed in order to check the application and functional skills of the job-aspirants. The test is based on the Excel skills, as per the Industry Standards.

The ms excel assessment test is generally taken for the following key profiles:
·         Graduates/Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering trainees.
·         Mechanical Engineer
·         Automotive Engineer
·         Junior Mechanical Engineers.
The particular recruitmenttest is generally involved with the following key topics:
·         Excel Formatting
·         Managing Data
·         Working with Formulae and Functions.
·         Tables and Charts

Basically, the Microsoft Excel skills assessment (2016) is involved with the following concepts:
·         Editing--Insert Rows, Find/Replace, Undo and more.
·         Formatting--Borders, Columns, Paper Size and more.
·         Tools--Protecting Cells, Ranges, Zoom and more.
·         Functions--Inserting, Autosum and more.
·         Charts & Graphs--Creating, Using Different Types, and more.
Generally, the duration of the Microsoft Excel assessment test is 20 minutes that is associated with the newer version of MS Excel. The particular recruitment test questions are designed as well as validated by the Subject Matter Experts (SME)s. After finishing the test, the powerful reporting and detailed analysis can help the recruiters in taking a better decision on selection. The particular assessment test is associated with the set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's), Multiple Answer Questions (MAQ's), Descriptive, True or False, and Fill in the Blank. Recruiters can analyse the score report in the following way:

·         Percent of Correct Answers (80%, 50%, 100%, etc).
·         Skill Level: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced.
·         Correct/Incorrect for each question.
·         Time taken per question and more.

The particular assessment test enables the recruiting team in order to assess and identify the efficient Excel candidates through the recruitment of the working skills and job readiness. So, the emphasis should be given to the evaluation of the practical and applied knowledge skill. It is basically gained through a work experience in the real-world scenario. So, the theoretical basis is not that much important in this particular test. Microsoft Excel is regarded as the industry standard in order to manage the information involving the financial, engineering, and statistical data. This recruitment test is designed in order to assess the Industrial demands of the candidates. It is very important to analyse the efficiency, expertise and effectiveness of the candidates in the Application of Formulas, Macros, and so on. So, the particular assessment test is very crucial in most of the recruitments. It is designed for assessing whether the job-aspirants are associated with a good knowledge of the following concepts or not:

·         Formatting, Charts, Tables
·         Macros, Pivot, Data Manipulation
·         Knowledge of commonly used formulas
·         Statistical operations
·         Forms
The Microsoft Excel skills assessment test is very useful in order to select the eligible candidates for the next level of the interview. The candidates should be equipped with the fundamental and basic practical knowledge so that they can solve any task after hiring.

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