Thursday, August 24, 2017

Getting Started In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry may be one of the most difficult worlds to break into, but one of the most creatively and financially rewarding should you succeed in building a name and career there. May designers, models, and fashion experts came from nothing or little, but worked relentlessly for years to gain a fashion following that led them to fame and fortune. Although you may never reach this level of success--you can still find a way to enter the wild and wonderful world of fashion. Here are some tips to help your plan your entrance into the fashion universe.

In the beginning, finding and landing a job in the fashion industry seems exciting and titillating. Which it is--but it’s also hard work. When you start out, you won’t be making the millions that designers selling their apparel in department stores like Barney’s New York and Nordstrom. You’ll most likely have to start out at a possibly unpaid internship at a fashion company. The romanticized image of a fashion career can be alluring, but know that there is also a lot of hard work, rejection, underpayment, and fierce dedication that goes into becoming a successful, well-known designer. If you feel you have the talent, determination, and steadfastness to make it to the top, then you need to be thinking of ways to gain exposure and experience in the right areas. Internships at fashion magazines, merchandisers, and high-end retail shops can help you reach your goals, get some experience under your belt, and mingle with fashion experts already established in the industry.

Because there are so many different types of jobs in the industry (designers, artists, advertising agents, PR, models, buyers, etc…) a plethora of skills are required based on what particular job is of interest to you. To become a designer, you must have the “it” factor, along with an extremely artistic sense of expression, an eye for color and construction, and a knowledge of fabrics and fashion trend history. Some of these requirements are natural and some of them are things you must learn by studying various facets of fashion and it’s effects on society. Studying at a fashion university is a great way to get a formal fashion education--and a lot of these colleges offer associate, bachelor, masters, and certification degrees in many different areas of fashion. Business and art degrees will also come in handy when trying to secure a spot among the world’s top fashion designers.

If fashion is something you really want to build your career around, then living in the right area is a must. You won’t find jobs, internships, or careers in high fashion in rural states, the midwest, or down south. The best places to live to dive into the fashion industry are the obvious ones--New York City and Los Angeles, California. These two fashion hubs bring all the various types of fashion and fashion folk together to create a melting pot of creativity and self expression through apparel. Living there will allow you to have access to fashion schools, companies where internships may be available, and to the right kind of shopping options for wardrobe and sewing supplies. Making the move to one of these big cities is a major decision, but if your calling is in fashion then it will be worth it in the end!

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