Thursday, August 10, 2017

Career Options In Mechanical Jobs In Essex

With technology replacing manual work in almost all areas, it is natural to think that there is a dearth of opportunities in mechanical jobs. Regardless of technological advancement, there will always be a need for people who can design, fit, repair and maintain equipment. Hence, mechanical jobs will always remain a good career option. Here are some of the options to be considered if someone wants to have a career in mechanical jobs in Essex.

Maintenance planners
The general duties of maintenance planners span over general maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing of all kinds of equipment. The aim of mechanical planner jobs is to keep all operating equipment, whether mechanical or hydraulic/diesel powered. They also perform regular quality checks to prevent a major breakdown of any equipment, and in the event of wear and tear, they are required to promptly repair the equipment to bring it back to running state.

Machine operators or machinists
Machine operators are responsible for setting up and operation of heavy machinery. This includes mechanical handling of machines as well as controlling equipment by a computer. Depending on their experience and expertise, machine operators might be asked to work on single type of specialised machines only or assigned tasks with different types of machinery.

Rig and fixture builders
The job responsibilities of rig and fixture builders is to design jigs, fixtures and holding devices. They are also expected to study and fabricate different types of jigs, fixtures and other tooling. They should make sure that the assembled jigs function without fault even with complex angles. In addition, they may be required to formulate operation strategies from tool design drawings and to verify accuracy and quality of designed jigs and fixtures as per the standard control procedures.

The general duties of a welder encompass preparing the layouts, fitting and fabricating metal parts, assembling them into tools and structures like machine parts, frames, construction components, pressure vessels etc. This job requires experience in welding technique, engineering and metallurgy. The ideal candidate for this job is able to study engineering drawings and plan welding operations according to the specified procedure. They should have a knowledge of different kinds of welding equipment and their uses.

General labourer
The job profile of a general labourer is vast and may include cleaning and preparation of a job site for a specific task or for regular functioning. They might have to help in loading/unloading and delivery of materials, using different tools and machines like power drills, pressure washers, blowtorches etc. This job can be easily integrated with many other mechanical jobs in Essex.

Supervisor position
The general duties of a supervisor are to assist in reaching the goals of the department by organising the duties of staff, supervising their activities and tasks, and monitoring their work. They are required to set targets and goals for their staff in order to achieve timely completion of duties assigned. They act as the channel of communication between the company and the staff.

Mechanical jobs are the basic requirements of all tasks that are performed by machines. The career options discussed above are just some of the many possibilities in this field.

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