Friday, July 21, 2017

Key Steps Towards Choosing the Right Daycare Centre

Every parent wants to leave their children in a daycare centre with a safe, friendly, professional environment, it is important that you take the time to evaluate your options before deciding on the most reliable company. There are a number of background checks you must perform before you choose a childcare centre, you want to feel comfortable knowing that your kids are being left in the most safe and supportive environment possible.

Take Note of Local Centres
It is a good idea to do some research on local childcare centres before deciding on where to leave your children, a quick search online will help you locate a list of daycare centres in your local vicinity, you can also avail of websites such as Family Information Services which will provide you with lots of information on childcare organisations where you live. Once you have shortlisted potential suitors, the next step is to visit their premises for a closer inspection.

Visit Each Daycare Centre
It is very difficult to choose a child care provider by simply picking one out from reviews you may have read online, the best way of making a decision would be to visit as many daycare centres as possible to give you a clearer picture on how they operate. It may be advisable to bring along a family member or trusted friend who can provide you with assistance when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of shortlisted centres.

Speak to Management and Staff Members
Prior to visiting the daycare centre make a list of important questions which you can use to gather information from employees, ask numerous questions such as:

·         What qualifications and experience does your staff have?
·         Have they all been appropriately vetted?
·         What kind of activities will my child engage in?
·         How do you manage disobedient kids?
·         What  are the safety procedures if accidents occur?

Always try to get as much information as possible and come prepared when you visit each day care centre.

Standards of Quality
The majority of childcare centres that are responsible for taking care of young children will usually be registered with governmental organisations, they will check the quality and safety standards of day care centres across the country. A family may choose to send their kids to Sandfield Day Nursery which is based in the UK, a quick online search will reveal that this organisation is registered with Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills). Ofsted is an organisation who visits child care centres to ensure they meet specific criteria for child safety and quality standards.

Ask the child care centre for at least two references, a professional company should have no issues with providing names of parents who have previous experience working with their company, you should be able to converse with parents who speak highly of their services.

Locating a day care centre which provides a high quality service can be challenging, but there are various resources, most notably online which will help you narrow your search. It is important to find a childcare centre which best suits your child’s needs.

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