Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A SAS Certification in Bangalore Can Get Your Career Going

In 1960’s SAS was first developed in North Carolina University and was launched in 1976. It is a software program that can alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources and perform statistical analysis on it. SAS is a fourth generation programming language and is designed to reduce programming effort and minimise time and cost. Its programming is based on two steps:
·         DATA Step
·         PROC Step

SAS is a preferred choice by programmer over R and Python.

SAS is used for data warehousing, data mining, HR management and financial management.

 The industry is on the lookout for trained SAS professional.

 It is essential to have SAS certification since,

·         It gives you an industry validation for your skills and expertise, thereby increasing your pay package.

·         Increase your credibility as a technical professional.

·         Its skill set is in high demand all over the world.

·         By being certified, you get listed in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals.

·         It gives you industry exposure.

·         It is one of the most in demand data analytics tool and has usage in the field of big data and data science.

India’s analytics industry is growing fast with the IT hub Bangalore as its epicentre. As a leading global player in Big Data and Information Technology, Bangalore has become the go to destination for both industry giants as well as young aspiring professionals. As an inseparable part of the growing industry the analytics training institutes have gathered in Bangalore. Getting an effective SAS certification in Bangalore is quite easy. You can simply swipe through a list of academies that offer SAS certification and find a suitable course for yourself.

If you open any job site, you will find high demand for SAS professionals. Thus it is genuinely profitable to get a SAS certification. In India most of these jobs are located in Bangalore. Recent study has shown high demand for SAS certified employees, with the trend showing an upward curve. Top technology giants like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Accenture and many more are hiring. Data mining and data modelling are highly valued skills and both of which can be done by using SAS.  It can thus be presumed that SAS Certification in Bangalore is extremely popular. Survey has shown that in India, maximum job openings in SAS are in Bangalore followed by the other cities. 

If you are a fresh graduate, looking for jobs and IT is not your cup of tea but you are interested in SAS then don’t worry, SAS has applicability in many different industries like banking, health care, media etc. Jobs are highly paid with starting salary higher than those of fresh IT professionals.

If Bangalore is your city of choice, then enrol yourself in SAS Certification in Bangalore and give a definite push to your career. The industry has a huge demand for SAS trained professionals, so make the most of it.

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