Monday, June 5, 2017

Lucrative Interior Design Positions Offered in Malaysia

A growing economy, a strong construction sector, and a desire for comfort in both the workplace and at home: these are signals that should lead you to look for an interior design position in Malaysia. The country has one of the best economic records in the region with a goal of becoming a self-sufficient, industrialised country in the next three years.
Impressive growth in such areas as electronic equipment, petroleum, and natural gas has given individuals more income to use for well-designed and constructed homes. In addition, the companies in this sector continue to build new work spaces, including offices. All of this leads to increasing demand for architecture skills and interior design expertise.
As recently as the 1970s, Malaysia’s economy was based on agriculture and mining, especially the production of a few natural resources. That picture has changed significantly with a major increase in investment in the industrial sector. Chinese businesses are a key part of the regional economy, which has also increased the need for new housing and office space. Interior design, architecture, and construction engineering positions are now widely available. 

If you want to land on interior design job in Malaysia, a general search for jobs in these categories reveals dozens of opportunities from architect and interior designer to mechanical design and senior engineer. Many of these positions require a combination of skills and experience with some companies looking for people who can design and decorate sales areas for retail settings. In fact, dozens of these positions are now listed on job search sites and have only appeared within the last week or two. Demand is strong.
Tourism remains relatively strong, further increasing the demand for quality interior design in hotels, restaurants, and retirement communities. Malaysia is currently one of the best places to retire and the country has established a program to attract people from outside the nation’s borders with a program called Malaysia My Second Home. The warm climate has been a major factor in the growth of this region.
For Example
To cite a few examples of available positions, one company in the sector has employees around the globe and is currently leading the search for an interior architecture specialist. Another seeks an interior design professional who can produce layout drawings according to customer requirements as well as be available to travel to provide customer service. This individual would need a unique combination of design and sales/marketing skills but the salary can be very attractive.
Another position, senior interior designer, calls for an individual who holds a degree in this field and has working experience as well. Because of the regional scope of this company, the candidate should be able to work in both English and Mandarin. Overseas activity is also a possibility with the base in Malaysia. Because of the specific job requirements, this position also carries an attractive salary and benefits package.
When you search for an interior design position or look online for any career opportunity, you will get the best results when you use specific keywords. Of course, you can also search by location.

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