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List of Top MBA Specialisations in India

Planning for MBA? But not clear which specialisation to go for. Then here is a complete list of MBA Specialisations that are provided in various colleges across India. The initial stage of MBA specialisation is devoted towards completion of basic courses. They are built in a format to provide a strong groundwork of the key concepts across the distinct management subjects. The students can choose a subject to specialise in a particular area at a later stage of the course. There are various factors that influence your decision based on the availability of the job, your priority, the area of interest and the content of the package.

       MBA in Human Resources

Human resource management is all about managing relationships between the employees and the management. In-depth it includes recruitment of employees, training, managing the team, maintaining track of performance updates, salary benefits, employee’s policy, health and safety of an employee. They are also responsible for conducting various activities such as off-site visits or get-togethers which are an elemental component of an office cultural. 

       MBA in Finance

It is one of the popular choices made by many while opting for specialisation in MBA. This stream mainly deals with management and control of banking, Indian Capital and Money, international finance and privatisation. In short, it focuses on insights of financial world functions.

The various career choices in Finance stream include portfolio management, asset management firms, credit risk management and investment banking. There would many job opportunities in finance in several other non- financial firms or companies as would have their in-house finance department.

       MBA in Sales and Marketing

Even Though sales and marketing differ in their own way at the end they possess the same goal. They both have the same approach and work hand in hand for sales to be good. The role of marketing is very crucial in any organisation. Marketing is essential in bringing in new revenue, increasing market share and thus contributing to company’s profit.

Students who are interested lies in the distribution of fast moving consumer goods, advertising or market research, marketing of various internal marketing, media, IT Sales and marketing of various of MBA Services. An MBA inmarketing will enhance your knowledge and skill in the field of public relations, advertising and marketing.

       MBA in Consulting

MBA in consulting offers high profile jobs with incredible salary package along with the bonus. It provides opportunities to travel to several destinations. Consultants are required when an opinion or a solution is needed to a specific problem or to take charge of a project when it is beyond the capacity of an internal staff of an organisation.

Several Popular sectors related to Consulting profession includes IT/technology consulting, operations consulting, strategy consulting and boutique consulting to the minor sectors such as media or public relations, investments, HR, education and advertising.

       MBA in Operations Management

Operations Management deals with managing an operating core of an organisation. Companies now need a new supply to address various issues regarding management of entire issues such as supply chain management, quality control, and product design leading to the creation of an MBA in Operations Management.

Admissions to these various management courses across the nation are done through Common Entrance Test - CAT. It is a computer-based test that is conducted in several cities. The candidates can choose the slot according to their ability.

CAT Exam is conducted annually across the nation by one of the IIMs on a rotation basis. One has to be aware of exam syllabus and pattern in order to stand out of the crowd to get admission to renowned colleges. 

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