Friday, May 12, 2017

History Behind Tom Rollins Teaching And Their Impact On The Students

Tom Rollins is a big brand name in the United States of America among the students for his educational venture the Great Courses. He has a grand educational set up quite popular among the students and a boon to them to upgrade their knowledge in an otherwise boring subject. Now the question that comes to the mind is “how did this educational venture came into existence and became famous among the students?” It was the result of a few video tapes which were inspirational and motivating for the students and made them pass their examination with flying colors. The Great Courses was a sort of an educational venture and a big academic development in the United States of America making waves among the students and opening doors for may related publishers and giving them a bright idea.

No one has ever seen or thought of passing on education in the form of video recordings and thus it became a huge craze among the students as well as the other publishers. It was the work of a law student by the name of Thomas M Rollins who was supposed to appear for an examination wherein he found the subject very boring and monotonous to read. So he came across these video tapes which not only helped him pass the examination with flying colors but also paved his way for great success and future development. After laying his hands on these video tapes he ardently watched them through the night as a repeated feature  and till the time he understood the concept and grasped to subject to answer his examination the very next day itself. All this brought a drastic change in his life and thus came into being Tom Rollins Teaching – the educational and inspirational venture of the United States of America for the students all over the world and across the globe.

These video tapes gave him an idea that the subject is never boring at any stage; it is just the perception of the students which need to be changed for the good of one and all for the further development of the students as a whole. He became attracted to the subject to which once he hated like anything and was not ready to read the same. It opened new doors of learning for him as well as the other students like him sailing in the same boat before the examination of a particular subject which they hated or loathed to read. In fact, it was a life changing experience for him and made an otherwise boring subject into an interesting one just in a night. 

Tom Rollins Teaching covers all parts of the subject in the most interesting way in the form of video tapes which makes it easy and convenient for the students to learn the basic concepts and grasp the subject in the best possible manner. Also it opened doors for the teachers to present themselves in a different and unique way to the students all over the world.

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