Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teaching Tips for Children with Special Needs

Any kid who has an emotional, medical, or learning problem and needs additional help is considered to be a child with special needs. They are special but have to be treated like all the other children. They need to grow in the atmosphere of love and care. However, in a sense of studying they use to have problems because of doing different things differently from others or coping with some tasks slower. Therefore, there are top 5 teaching tips for children with special needs, which can make a life of parents, teachers and children themselves better and easier.

  1. Be patient
Being patient is a key to finding a common language with a child who has some special needs. Not all the things are as easy for them as for the others. Thus, it may take a bit more time for them to learn or make some things. A wrong way of teaching children with special needs is shouting at them if they do something wrong or forcing to make it faster. Keep calm and you will see that a child will try to make things as good and fast as he can. Additionally, repeating information in both verbal and written forms is effective.
  1. Progress Checks
It is recommended to provide progress checks of a work of children with special needs. Try to show the progress toward a goal to them. Moreover, it may help you to identify those, who need your help most and make a plan of future studies.
  1. Keep it simple
All the activities have to be short and straightforward. Long projects may be frustrating to children with special needs. They will not be able to concentrate for too long and complete hard and time-consuming projects.
  1. Appraisal
Praise these children individually. Instead of simply saying “Good job!”, say something like “I specifically liked how you did that and that…”. This way of praising can speed up child’s progress. Here you can read about a necessity of appraisal. Additionally, if you are not professional in writing and thus are afraid of saying something offensive, you may use cheap writing service and we will write your essay in a short amount of time.
  1. Cooperation
Working in pairs or a community of children with similar abilities can create a friendly atmosphere for children with special needs. This may help them to work better because of a common goal they try to achieve. Teamwork can help the child to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and to predict how a conversation between them and an interlocutor may progress. Besides, playing non-competitive games with simple rules is a fun way of developing kid’s brain without making the child depressed or discouraged if they are not able to do things as the other kids do.

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