Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is forensic Psychology a Good Career Choice?

Psychology is a growing occupation in today’s time and has many parts within it. Like any other career path, you must specialize in some area. For writers too, there are novelists, poets, creative writers, screenwriters and so much more. When it comes to psychology, it is divided in several specialised fields and one of them is forensic psychology! If you have always loved detective shows or wanted to be one, this profession might be for you. This involves in dealing with criminals and also civil arenas. Forensic psychology has special training programmes, research platforms and organisations to help students learn better. It is a sub-discipline of psychology. 

How to become a forensic psychologist?

The main objective is to get your bachelor’s and master’s degree in the subject. Once you have acquired your degree, it is time to start training as a forensic psychologist. You can find several great internships and training psychology jobs NZ quickly through recruitment. Forensic psychologists handle a variety of legal matters like: –
1. Child custody and family law
2. Mental state of criminal defendants
3. Civil Law
4. Social science researches
5. Jury selection and much more.
To be a successful forensic psychologist, you must have these following skills: –
1. The prime one is to get your proper full degree and intern with some of the finest psychologists.
2. You must always be informed about your patients and the situations. You have to compare data from various sources and put the pieces together. If you have any missing pieces, you will end up getting the entire case wrong.
3. Strong science background and investigation skill
4. You need to have critical thinking power along with good oral presentations. You cannot make jokes or give false information in a courtroom.
5. Up-to-date legal knowledge and patience.
Things to keep in mind regarding forensic psychology: –

1. This is a post graduate specialization which means that once you get your degree in psychology and if you plan on going for further studies, you can study forensic as a subject.
2. Criminal profiling and forensic psychology isn’t the same thing. Psychologists don’t take charge of any kind of criminal profiling and this is just a misconception. A lot of TV sitcoms often show this but it is completely false.
3. It takes good years of experience and guidance to reach the level where you can work all by yourself. Not everyone can reach the courtroom for major cases. Make sure you keep taking support and guidance from the best forensic psychologists if you want to be a part of some big criminal cases.
4. You have to be content when you are investigating and sitting in a courtroom. A forensic psychologist has to deal with various different minds on a day to day basis and it can be a little difficult but maintaining your cool will always help.
5. Don’t go against the law just to win a case or secure your patient.
These are the few aspects and things you need to know before considering forensic psychology as your profession.

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