Tuesday, April 25, 2017

6 Essentials for Starting a Successful Thermal Spray Coating Business Career

Thermal spray coating is applied in coating various surfaces like plastic metal, ceramic, alloys and composites. The feedstock; coating to be applied on the surface of the material is usually heated to extremely high temperatures before being sprayed on the surface.

This therefore means that for you to run a successful career in selling thermal spray products and/or offering the services, you must know the industry requirements and run your operations smartly.  The following essentials will lead to your success:
  1. Spraying equipment
A successful spraying company requires the best spraying equipment in the market. As a business owner, supplying spraying equipment, you will be successful if you design the best spraying equipment in the market.
If you are a spray coating service provider, you should have a spray gun and a spray booth with adequate ventilation. The thermal spray gun used should be suitable for the type of material and feedstock used. A spray gun, powder flame spray gun or the arc spray gun should be available for use on different surfaces as they yield different results. The equipment used should give accurate and consistent results.
  1. Powders
Powders are essential in providing a coat over aluminium, steel or other metals and their alloys. The powder used varies and will also depend on the type or thermal spraying used. High Velocity Oxy-Fuel is a prominent type of spray that involves mixing of combustible oxygen and other fuel forms under very high temperatures. This happens in a pressurized chamber and there is a nozzle that emits the powder and the heated gas. These will melt and then form a coat over the surface of the metal.
Without the powder, you will not be thermal spray coat a surface. Cold spraying will require use of the powder too. The powder should be suitable for use on that metal and also accepted to be used in the industry. An appropriate source should be available.
  1. Technological innovations
The current industry settings demand a very high level of technological advancements. You should be able to use state-of-the-art equipment that will give assurance of a high productivity as well as accurate and replicated results. An article from NAS shows that the best thermal spray coating services involve use of high-tech technological applications that increase speed of service delivery and the quality of service.
  1. Masking products
Holes, keyways and depressions should be masked for a perfect coat to appear on the surface of the coated material. Silicone based masking products are used in thermal spray coating like plasma and HVOF coating.
  1. Thermal Spray Wires
HAI and Polymet spray wires are essential for arc spray wire, metalizing, and other thermal spray coating applications.
  1. Engineering knowledge
This will help you in selecting the coating technique to use, the material not to use, and the best technological process to apply. This knowledge will also guide in selecting the best spray equipment parts and appropriate auxiliary equipment.
In conclusion, your success in thermal spray coating business and or/career depends on the above mentioned features. Appropriate equipment, raw materials, knowledge and technology is required for success.

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