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Friday, April 20, 2018

Ecommerce Management – What’s New

The advent of ecommerce has bought with it chaos and disruption as it has completely altered the way millions of people shop. Given the drastic change that it has bought, there hasn’t been any significant change in the management of several ecommerce businesses as the majority of them haven’t really evolved.
Taking care of a business requires a lot of concentrated efforts, even more so in an industry as vibrant as ecommerce as it can be a stressful endeavour. It requires careful planning, strategizing and fool proof decision-making on a daily basis.
Ecommerce managers have to keep in line with the emerging trends in technology,customer experience and service, marketing and advertising of products, packaging and shipping. These managers have to look after employee, customer and supplier management. This can be quite a task because in a field like ecommerce, companies grow from being a start-up one day to a mid-market on the very next day.
Majority of the ecommerce companies fail to understand that there is more than one approach to run a business or characterise a management structure. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a strict hierarchy and static job descriptions have to be followed to see real-time results. For all you know, these approaches are what might be damaging your business’s capability to flourish.
To break free of the shackles that hold back a business from functioning to its full capacity, several ideas need to be amalgamated and organised to manage your ecommerce business to the best of its ability.
Here, we have compiled a list of concepts that will help you take your ecommerce venture to the next level. Some of these ideas may come across as radical, but then again, so is ecommerce.
Holocracy is by far the most innovative suggestion on the list. This is basically the technique of running determined, receptive and self-managed companies. The approach to understand Holocracy is to look closely at the way cities are organised.
Observe the innermost workings of the way companies are structured. It somewhat resembles a feudal empire. There are kings, queens, lords, barons and peasants and this indeed is the crux of every structure. It is broken down in a hierarchy that is feudal with vague boundaries over who is the boss of who. Holocracy is all about making workplaces more successful just like growing and developing cities. This is exactly whyZappos who incorporated Holocracy became an established and well-respected leader in the ecommerce realm.
Adopt Holocracy if you aren’t too happy with the way your business is functioning.
Coding Is Done By Everyone
Ecommerce will collapse without the application of technology and every ecommerce business at some level competes with software and its functions. One online seller might be giving a tough competition to its counterpart just because it has superior technology. This is perhaps the case at the moment for e-merchants who have adopted progressive web applications, Gzip compression and even http/2.
Given the importance that coding holds, imagine what it would be like if everyone codes or if you put across an ‘everyone codes policy’ for all your employees. A thorough understanding of the way web technologies work and what it takes to add features and specifications that help employees make better and informed decisions and set better goals will make a huge difference.
All The Employees Help Customers
Akin to ‘everyone codes policy’, ecommerce businesses should also consider a ‘customer service is done by everyone’ tactic as well. For instance, picture an ecommerce venture that provides live chat services to its customers. Every employee from the CEO to the research executive takes turns in chatting with customers to address their queries and concerns.
This exercise can help everyone understand how to cater to customers and serve them better.
Employ Remote Workers
There’s no denying that managing remote workers is difficult, however the payoff is well worth the effort.Remote workers are often more dynamic, more lucrative and more loyal to your business. For instance, your company must be hiring a director of marketing with an impressive experience and track record. But, unfortunately the candidate of your choice might not be located in the same city as your company but is willing to work for you from their location.
Your company will have to take a call if it really is important to ensure that everyone is present in the same location or to make sure that you employ only the best people for the job irrespective of where they come from.
Application of these concepts will make your ecommerce venture almost unbeatable and unstoppable from dominating the market.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Online Test Series for All government Exam – Need of Government Exam Preparation

Today Online Examination System has become a fast growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower to execute the examination. Almost all organizations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, it saves students time in examinations. Organizations can also easily check the performance of the student that they give in an examination. As a result of this, organizations are releasing results in less time. It also helps the environment by saving paper. Here we also provided all government exam test series, online mock test, exam pattern and level of examination details etc. check list of all government exam test series below on this page and also check sarkari result.

List of Online Paper you can try here on Examluck.Com

UPSCMedical Exam
Haryana PoliceRPSC
FCIIndian Navy
IB - Intelligence BureauUP Police
MP PolicePunjab Police
Bihar PoliceChandigarh Police
Rajasthan PoliceDelhi Police
Indian Post Lok Sabha
Indian Air force PSPCL
DMRCSyndicate Bank

  1. Ability to save the answer given by the candidate along with the question.
  2. Answer checking system should be available.
  3. Could Update Profile
  4. Log out after the over.
  5. Admin Panel
India’s best website for all Government Exam Online Mock Test

  • Tests based on exact exam pattern
  • Difficulty level which varies slightly above and below the exam as there are variations in difficulty level of all gov exams across shifts wise & Tier Wise
  • Exam-like test taking interface and smooth experience on laptop and mobile
  • Detailed solutions with explanations specially for English & GK sections
  • Video analysis from experts - by a current excise inspector and former teacher
  • Regular report cards apart from detailed analysis after every test
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hiring a flight attendant without much hassle

For the airlines the most important thing is to make sure the cabin crew they are hiring is the right one. This crew would be the face of the airline and they are supposed to take this job extremely seriously. It is expected from the team members to make sure every customer is feeling safe and comfortable during they stay. Of course, at times, it becomes quite a lot confusing on how to hire the right person for the   job role. But the fact is if you are looking for a flight attendant then you need to be clear with the job role and the qualifications which are expected. Every airline has different specification in terms of hiring such people. Your focus is to come up with your airline requirement and accordingly do the hiring.

Things that must not be overlooked:

A flight attendant is loaded with ample of responsibilities which we would be also covering in the information below. However, there are some crucial things that you need to understand when hiring such person. Talking of which, simply don’t just make decision on the flight attendant English test that you take. Rather you need to also focus on other things that must not be overlooked such as:

You must focus on the overall personality of the candidate
  • It is important that you notice the confidence of the candidate
  • A flight attendant must know how to cater the demand of the customer
  • It is expected from the flight attendant to actually come up with ways that promotes maximum customer satisfaction
  • A flight attendant must have all the answers to the possible questions a customer may ask
  • A flight attendant is expected to have the basic knowledge about handling the team at the time of emergency or the medical issues.
  • A flight attendant must look forward for better opportunities to make the journey of the customer a pleasant experience.
Hiring tips that may help you:

No doubt that hiring a flight attendant can be a tricky part. Since, so many airlines are coming up there is also no doubt that the demand for such people has increased quite a lot. It is of course one reputable job for which many potential candidates apply and at the time of choosing amongst the best becomes quite confusing. That is the main reason why you must make it a point to hire the right flight attendant and get the best source that can help to make your airlines stand amongst the best in the competition.

Of course, hiring any candidate is a challenging task. But if you consider all possibilities in aright manner it shall not become an impossible option. It is important to do a lot of research and then come up on the conclusion rather than making a harsh decision. Right from the personality till handling issues, a flight attendant is expected to take care of different things. So make sure you do the hiring and also post the job description as per the business requirement.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Staff selection commission – Holds a great part in recruiting candidates for Central Govt Departments

Staff Selection Commission (or) SSC is a Central Government Organization for manpower recruitment in the various departments, ministries of Government of India and its subordinate offices overall the country. During 1967-68 Staff Selection Commission had come into the existence. Primarily its name was Service Selection Commission, to recruit lower category posts in various government sectors. It was renamed as Subordinate Services Commission in the year of 1975 and since 1977 it was started to be known as the Staff Selection Commission. At New Delhi, the SSC Headquarters is located. The cities, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Guwahati, Allahabad, Kolkata, and Delhi have regional offices. At Raipur and Chandigarh, two sub-regional offices are there. SSC conducts various levels of examination to fill-up eligible candidates in different government sectors. It periodically conducts exams throughout the year.

What are the functions of Staff Selection Commission?

Staff Selection Commission is only the responsible committee for recruiting candidates in Group B & Non-Technical Group C posts at various ministries, Government departments of India. It conducts recruitment in the said groups for subordinate offices also.

Staff Selection Commission conducts Written Exam and Personal Interview for recruiting candidates. The committee conducts online/offline written exams at the various examination centres around the country. The SSC committee also considers complaints and grievances registered by the candidates during the recruitment process; it strives to work better in future on the issues.

SSC conducts written exams on National Level for various posts such as Auditors,Statistical Investigators,Tax Assistants,Divisional Accountants,Sub Inspector in CBI,Inspectors of Central Excise,Junior Engineer in CPWD,Income Tax officer,Accountants,Section Officer, Stenographers,Lower Division Clerks,Assistants, etc. various government departments.

In order to make every educational background candidates appear for the Staff Selection Commission Exams, the committee conducts exams for different educational levels. Secondary, Senior secondary, Graduates, Post Graduates, and Management etc can apply for their respective and eligible posts.

Staff Selection Commission also takes responsibility in giving adequate information, suggestions to the different departments of government regarding the manpower. It also asks the details of different departments’ vacancies and eligibility for the posts.

SSC also selects and prepares questions for various exams and evaluates the papers, finally produces the list of selected candidates. With the instruction of Central Government SSC performs tasks and functions from time to time.

How to Crack Staff Selection Exams successfully?

  • First, thoroughly know the syllabus of the exam.
  • Then, be familiar with the updated exam pattern.
  • To understand better, make notes in your mother tongue.
  • Try to solve previous year question papers as much as possible.
  • Discover your preparation level by appearing online mock tests.
  • Discuss with your SSC faculties, students regarding queries.
  • Refer good material for preparing SSC exam.
  • Update with day-to-day current affairs.
  • Dedicate a special time for your preparation whether you are a student or employee or a housewife.
  • “Time Management” is the essential one. So, try to focus on that.
  • Understand study, revise and get through your SSC exams successfully.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How Data Science Course can help High school students


Data science is one of the most important subjects of the 21st century. It deals with the identification, representation, and extraction of meaningful information from a huge volume of the data source to be used for business purposes.  According to a popular job portal, large corporate houses are hunting talented data scientists that can turn overwhelming amounts of data into actionable insights. This is the main reason for introducing data science course at the high school level. Many college graduates are now gearing their education towards a career in data science. They are enrolling themselves in data scienceto remain a step ahead than others. In this article how the high school student would prepare themselves for a career in data science would be briefly discussed.

·         Pick a major that will translate to a data science career
Unfortunately, most of the colleges and universities do not offer major programs or courses in data science. We have seen that data scientist and the famous top-ranked big data and machine learning influencer Kirk Borne have studied astrophysics in his graduation level. Not only this, U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil opted for mathematics in his bachelor’s degree. Now he is working with the Titans in the tech industry like LinkedIn, eBay, etc.

So, it can be said that the high school students should pick up major like Statistics, computer science, physical sciences to translate them to a data science career. Your majors are only there to be put in your career profile in job portals. So, it does not matter much if you are not able to study data science as a major in graduate level. What really matters is the skill that would help you to break into a data science career. In addition to the major subject you have selected, you can also enroll in an online course for data science which would help you to grasp the knowledge related to data science.

·         Research with a professor
As an undergraduate student, the next big step to propel into a career in data science would be to research with a professor. This is one great advantage for the undergraduate students at a research university. They get an opportunity to work alongside the highly talented professors. Completing a lab research has numerous benefits like the high level of learning, publishing and presenting a paper in an international journal, receiving a letter of recommendation from them and ultimately developing the skills of data science.

 But you should be very clear about one thing from the very beginning. The professors are only welcoming to the curious and hardworking students, who are exceptionally talented in their subjects. You can go through the vast majority of technology-based journals to have a clear idea of the theories and application of data science as a subject. Data science is a hot topic, so you would get numerous articles on it in the open access journals of computer science, technology-based journals, and computer software journals. Reading them would help you to prepare for the research-based projects which you would likely do under the professors.

·         Prepare for Post Graduation in a Data Science Related Course
A majority of the data scientist do not complete their education after achieving their bachelor’s degree. Most of them go for a Ph.D. or a post graduate degree in a subject which is closely connected to data science. You may also train yourself through the boot camps or online workshops on data science. It helps them to hone specific skills like Hadoop for Big Data Querying or machine learning. In addition to this if you had enrolled yourself in an online course on data science during your graduation days you would be technically ahead than your peers.

Finally, it can be said that though it is difficult to study courses for data science as a major during the graduate and postgraduate level in the formal universities. But there are numerous other ways by which the high school students can prepare themselves for a career in data science.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Seven Fundamentals for Sustainable Business Success in 2018

Attaining sustainable business growth is one of the biggest challenges business owners face. To have a successful business turnover, you need to create long term value without exhausting the finite resources you have.

Although technology continues to evolve and circumstances for businesses now are different, the fundamentals for sustainable business success remain the same. Here are seven of them.

1: Authentic Purpose

Every business starts with a purpose of, “why we do what we do”. This purpose acts like a North Star for the company and guides every business decision, such as recruitment, customer management, product development and sales.

With a strong business purpose, you drive your company’s growth and profits. To achieve sustainable success, businesses should regularly re-examine their idea of purpose and ensure that they are serving towards it.

With an authentic and inspiring purpose, your company has
·       A constant and consistent sense of focus
·       A strong emotional engagement - within the company as well as with the customers and the partners
·       A continuous and pragmatic innovation

If you carefully observe, most sales and marketing experts usually talk about Unique Selling Points (USP). In simpler terms, the factor or considerate representation by a seller as the reason why your products and services are different and better than that of your competitors.

Having an authentic purpose gives your company a rise in its USP. When your company has a clear perspective of what it wants to do, it becomes easy to create products and services to achieve that vision. For example, Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon always said, “He sold hope and not makeup!”

2: A Powerful Brand

If you hope to create a business that is scalable, you will need to understand how essential it is to build brand equity and connect with your customer base.

It is due to this attachment that your customers will be drawn back to your company, its products and services. Building brand identity is about building and sustaining these relationships over time.
Here we give you some necessary rules that will help you connect, shape, influence and lead with your product and brand:

·       Decide your intended target audience. The most obvious way a business can fail is by trying to provide everything to its targeted audience.
·       Connect with your target audience. Ensure that you make your customers feel connected with the products and services you provide them. This will ensure that they keep returning to your brand and increase their trust in your company.
·       Inspire your target audience. Sending a simple inspirational message across to your customers is far better than highlighting too many product features, functions and ideas.

With a proper marketing plan, businesses can build their brand identity. If you do not have enough finances for a marketing budget, you can start posting your content on social media and create awareness amongst your target audience that awy. Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people use social media more often than any other medium.

3: Partnership and Collaboration

During the initial phase of your business management, handling every aspect of your business yourself is very tempting. Although there’s nothing wrong in employing a hands-on approach, taking on more things than you can actually handle (especially when you do not have the required experience in that area), can damage your business.

In today’s era of global freelance economy, it is very simple to find talented individuals. But you need to know where you can find them. Also, a business does not solely function on talent. It also requires sufficient funds to function and continue its growth.

Securing business funds can be a complicated process. However, SMEs can now easily secure funds with the help of alternative finance firms. These finance firms not only provide funds to SMEs and start-ups but they also provide the funds at a comparatively lower rate than that of the banks.

For any successful business venture, business owners should know what exactly they want to achieve and put essential resources towards accomplishing it.

4: Customer Retention

When a company plans to acquire new customers, it is bound to cost five times more than retaining the ones they already have. As a matter of fact, 2 per cent of increase in customer retention has almost similar effects as decreasing a company’s cost by 10 per cent.

To frame it in another way, when a company decreases its customer defection rates by only 5 per cent, its profits rise by 13 per cent to 25 per cent (depending on the market your company is functioning within).

A successful customer retention process starts when the company initially contacts the customer and continues to do so throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

5: Community

In a business ecosystem, countless numbers of organisations and individuals interact with each other in numerous ways. It is due to this ecosystem that companies evolve their capabilities competitively.
Ecosystems are essential for growing your business as they provide the needed structure that supports the businesses within them. In other words, they extend stakeholder-ship out from the business and into the society.

6: Repeatable Sales

In today’s business world, it is not enough to create a unique product and a brand. Such repeatable sales processes make a business scalable. There is a difference between signing a few new customers and designing and implementing sales processes that could be deployed successfully again and again at an even greater scale.

You will know that you have developed a scalable sales model when:

·       You hire new employees at the similar productivity level as that of your entrepreneurs or the sales leader
·       You can effectively increase the sources of your customer leads on a consistent basis
·       You have a sales conversion rate and return that can be consistently increased
·       Your cost of gaining new customers is less compared to the revenue you generate from your customers over time
·       Your customers get the correct product at the correct place and the correct time

Because of repeatable sales models, businesses get a platform to scale. However, a lot of experimentation and intense research must be carried out before a company achieves a sustainable sales model.

7: Flexible, Adaptive Leadership

Entrepreneurs need to become leaders at every stage of their business’s growth for a company to experience sustained growth. As every company needs to change at each of its growing stage, their leaders also need to keep evolving at the right time and right place.

For this purpose, leaders need to have introspection, self-awareness and a keen sense of strategy, both short term as well as long term. Mindfulness is important to develop a flexible and adaptive leadership style.

Leaders need to understand that their individual, interpersonal and working lives are all interconnected. Hence, by being mindful, they understand these relationships and know how they can utilise them to create, innovate and lead.

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