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Monday, February 18, 2019

All About MAT – Eligibility, Dates, Exam Pattern and Admit Card


The Management Aptitude Test (MAT), conducted by the All India Management Association (AIMS) four times a year, is used by around 600 business school across the country to admit students. The exam is a national level exam held by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India and is taken by lakhs of students every year for admission to various MBA, PGDM and allied management programmes.

MAT Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who meets the following criteria can apply to MAT, irrespective of the age.
-       A Bachelor’s degree with minimum three years or equivalent in any discipline
-       The candidate must have completed a professional degree such as CA/CS/ICWA
-       Candidates in the final year of Bachelor’s degree, awaiting result can also apply.

MAT- Offline or Online?

MAT is one of the few MBA entrance exams in the country that still retains the offline option. The following options are available to all candidates wishing to apply for MAT:

i. Paper Based Test (PBT)
ii. Computer Based Test (CBT)
iii. Both PBT and CBT

The benefit for candidates applying for both PBT and CBT have the option of applying to two additional management institutions, in addition to the five they can otherwise send their scores to. In all, they can apply to seven management institutions.

MAT Exam Pattern

The total number of questions a candidate gets in the MAT exam is 200 and the time duration is 150 minutes. The paper has the following five sections:
i. Verbal Ability
ii. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
iii. Data Analysis and Sufficiency
iv. Mathematical Skills
v. India and Global Environment

Each question carries one mark and a penalty of 0.25 mark for an incorrect answer. It is not important for candidates to attempt all questions but they must aim to attain a high accuracy level, so that even if they leave a few questions they are not sure of, it doesn’t affect their score.

MAT 2019- Important Dates

Offline Test Date
Online Test Date
MAT February 2019 Registration
16 December- 8 February 2019
16 December-12 February 2019
Admit Card
9 February 2019
19 February 2019
MAT Exam Date
17 February 2019
23 February 2019
Declaration of MAT Result
First week of March 2019
First week of March 2019

MAT Admit Card

The admit card is an important document that the candidates need to carry to the Test Centre. Once made available on the website on 9 February 2019 (for PBT) and 19 February 2019 (For CBT), the candidates should download the admit card. The admit card contains

ü    Candidate’s Name
ü    Form No
ü    Roll No
ü    Test Date
ü    Test Centre
ü    Test Time
Candidates shall be allowed to enter the Test Centre only when they have their admit cards with them.

MAT Counselling

The body that conducts MAT does not hold centralised counselling for candidates. After the results come out, the institutes accepting MAT scores draft a merit list and inform the selected candidates through call letters or e-mail. Some institutes might conduct further selection rounds such as Group Discussion and Personal Interview in addition to the MAT entrance exam.

MAT Instructions for Exam Day

Candidates are expected to carry the following documents on the day of the exam:
ü    Admit Card
ü     Identity Proof
ü    Proof of Name Change (if applicable)
ü     Caste certificate (if applicable)

MAT Preparation

Candidates preparing for MAT must align their preparation strategy with the nature of the exam. The exam is divided into five sections, which test different skills of the candidates. Candidates must prepare the important topics well, for instance,

-       For the Indian and Global Environment section, candidates must prepare current events, banking and business, sports and so on.

-       For the Mathematical section, candidates must focus on number systems, percentages, profit and loss, time, speed and distance and so on.

-      For language comprehension, candidates must strengthen their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

-       For critical reasoning, candidates must study patterns, coding, decoding, verbal reasoning and so on.
-       For data analysis, candidates must prepare data comparisons, data sufficiency and so on.
Regular practice of mock tests help the candidates in gaining confidence and ironing out the weak areas. They also help the candidates to gain speed and accuracy.

MAT assesses the candidates on certain core skills considered useful for MBA executives, such as time management, stress management, speed and accuracy and so on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Top 3 Reasons Why Moving to Inner West Is a Nice Idea


There is no doubt that Sydney is on the world map. The country’s capital is one of the prime destinations of both foreign and local tourists, in addition to being a significant business and economic hub of the Oceania region. Sydney’s global popularity is unquestionable, but the district and its neighboring localities have so much more to offer than the Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Harbour, and coastal walks.

As far as tourism is concerned, Sydney and its neighboring localities have so many spots to offer. However, this article will focus not only on tourism but also the area’s culture and its people, with special highlight on Inner West.

Getting to Know Inner West

For starters, Inner West is a metropolitan area that is conveniently located to the west of the Sydney central business district (CBD or the City). The suburbs of the area are largely located throughout the Port Jackson and the shores of Cooks River. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Inner West’s statistical region to the local government areas includes City of Canada Bay, Municipality of Ashfield, Burwood Council, and Municipality of Strathfield. Municipality of Leichhardt is likewise added by the Metropolitan Strategy (NSW Government), and Marrickville Council as included by the Inner West Courier. There are more than 40 suburbs within the Inner West area, including Annandale, Lilyfield, Ashfield, Balmain, Newtown, Five Dock, Haberfield, Rodd Point, and Concord.

Living in the Inner West

Transportation is not a problem in the area as you have different choices. Public transport in Inner West is comprehensive and adequately organized. Commuters can ride trains, buses, ferries, and light rail. Because of this, Inner West residents do not have a hard time going from point A to point B.

Because of its proximity to the City, living in Inner West can be convenient, most especially if you are after city lifestyle. If you have a job in Sydney CBD and you are from Inner West, you should have a convenient time going to and from your work. This is one of the main reasons why many professionals have their homes in Inner West.

Moving to and Raising a Family in Inner West

Some people may shy away from the idea of moving to Inner West because they think the housing in the area is extremely expensive since it is near the City. However, due to the growing popularity of Inner West real estate industry, you can have your dream home at a reasonable price. The suburbs in the area are composed of medium to high-density housing, which is ideal to professionals working in the CBD. There are also a number of older constructions, including terrace houses in Annandale and Newtown. Certain parts of Inner West, specifically in Marrickville and Newtown, were also subject to gentrification or reconstruction of urban community into more upscale residences. Indeed the Inner West real estate continues to improve, which is beneficial to professionals who want to live near the City.

If you are a professional with young family, Inner West can be an ideal place to raise your family. The transportation system is pretty organized, the real estate industry is growing, and there are several schools where you can send your child. Also, you could also explore the idea of getting Inner West tutoring for your child or children. There are several reputable educational institutions that offering tutoring services to Inner West residents. If you want your kids to be taught by professional teachers, you can easily go for Inner West tutoring.

All in all, Inner West living is ideal for professionals who have a fairly young family. The place is best for professionals who want to live next to the City. It is also ideal for investors who want to take advantage of the good prices of properties, which they can sell at a higher price in the next years.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Greater Options You Can Go for in Internet Marketing


Social network marketing is a powerful tool for companies to reach potential customers. Customers interact with companies through social media, and your presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest is an advantage.

Social network presence contributes to the success of your business by increasing brand awareness, attracting potential customers, increasing traffic on the site, or improving communication and interaction with the target audience of the product or service you offer.

In setting up your marketing plan for your business, it is important to set goals and ways of communicating across social networks. Each platform has distinct features and can help your business in different ways. That's why choosing the platform you want to communicate with and how you communicate is very important. For example, business-to-business companies can benefit from significant benefits from Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter, while e-commerce, travel agencies, catering firms, or any visual activity object benefit more from marketing on Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube. The is such a platform that makes the whole process easier.

Advantages of marketing in social networks

Each social media platform has its advantages and requires different approaches tailored to the specifics of the company's business, to the users to which the company addresses and to the environment of each platform:

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is the place where people relax, communicate with friends, or get recommendations from their favorite pages. So, you can start by creating a Fan Page with posts relevant to your business, written in a friendly tone, accompanied by images, videos, hashtags, or links to the site. Fan Page can be personalized by business needs by adding a company description, site link, contact data, location map, online store, eventsand contests.

Marketing on Linkedin

Linkedin is a social media platform for business. By registering on Linkedin, you can create a company profile that can be used similarly to the Facebook page by creating a product and service promotion area where you can interact with customers and be recommended by them. Customers' recommendations make your business look more credible and more secure for new customers.

Through LinkedIn Groups you can enter into a professional dialogue with people in similar industries and you can share content.

In addition, Linkedin is ideal for job posting and recruitment.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter allows companies to promote their products or services through tweets limited to 140 characters that will appear in the information flow of those who follow the company. These messages can contain text, hashtags, images, videos, links to the product / service site, and other social media profiles.

Twitter can be used by companies to announce special offers, discounts, news, to answer questions or to assist customers. Some companies offer twitter support at any time and respond promptly to interested people.

Other platforms

You have a variety of other platforms that you can be present to promote your business: Yelp (online business profiles index that can be found by location-based users, coupled with customer score), YouTube (for content video, Pinterest , Google+ (similar to Facebook features, can be integrated with other Google products, such as Google Maps, Google Adwords, or Google custom searches), Instagram (for creating attractive panes with news or offers of products and services) (sharing pictures and short messages).

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Building an acting career

Being a professional actor takes a lot more than simply the person’s internal love for acting, and in a fact, it is almost the same as it is with all the other fields of art. And if you are a person which is in love with the way by which the actors are capable to express a particular emotion and create a reaction that is able to touch each person’s heart, you must seek for options which will help you become one.

But in a fact, as we’ve mentioned, besides the person’s unique segment and the talent which comes with the person’s birth, you must be capable of working the things out when it comes to visiting a lot of classes that will help you become better.

Acting is more than just a personal way of leaving your emotions on the stage, and in a fact, if you are willing to become a professional actor, you must learn how to breathe, speak, learn more over the people’s body speech and so on. That’s why along this article we will help you improve those things, and with that, be able to leave a unique remark as a theater, or a movie actor.

By following those steps you will be able to make a bright career without the actual degree, and in many cases, it is of a great importance, since we are all aware that visiting a formal course at the universities will cost you a lot of money, and for most of the people in the world, it will be a huge investment that will take a lot of effort and bravery.

Build an objective goal

In order to be able to achieve amazing things, first of all, you should be able to know what you are looking for. This means that if you are willing to become an actor, first of all, you must be able to imagine a picture of yourself in the future. Or even more, you must choose if you are willing to become an actor that will be working over theater plays, or if you are willing to work on movie projects. Keep in mind that even though for you it might be the same, and also, many people who are now working over taking a part in the movies have started their careers in the theater – those two options aren’t the same. When being an actor which is working on theater plays, what audience expects from you is way more different than the criteria which is followed on the big screens.

You might have noticed that the amount of energy invested in theater plays is way morethan the energy invested in movies. Also, when working on a theater play, you must be creative and focused, since you have to perform in front of an audience. Once you’ve chosen a particular school for acting, the workshops will help you learn how to articulate the right emotions, and it will greatly help in improving your talent.

On the other hand, when working on a movie, you will be able to repeat a particular scene until it is done as good as the criteria established by the director, and also, it will be a project that won’t involve working on a long-term track, meaning that once it is done, you won’t be called to perform the same scene, or the full movie once again, in front of a crowd.

That’s why you are supposed to decide which option will suit you best, since if the first one is the right option for you, you are supposed to work over your breathing, diction, and a lot more than the effort needed for working on a movie set. But however, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot to be a great movie actor, since at the end of the day, you must find the right way to articulate your feelings over the screen, which isn’t easy at all, and it takes a lot of work and talent.

Choose an acting agency

When it comes to the way by which you are going to make this a part of your life, besides that you aren’t supposed to have a degree in acting – finding an acting agency will help you a lot.

You can search within your area, or expand it if you are willing to move to another place in order to find a better course, but you must keep in mind that researching the agency’s background is what means the most, since with that you will make sure that working with a team of professionals will be a guaranteed option, which means that you will be able to learn more from already established actors.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Get Acquainted With The Best Vlsi Project Institutes In Bangalore


In the present times, it is quite important to get acquainted with technology. Technology influences all the aspects of people’s lives. Particularly when it comes to the professional aspect, it is important that one should possess basic knowledge about it. However, talking the areas that require a technical specialization, the scenario is totally different. Nowadays, if you wish to find a career in the technical field, just the theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Getting good grades in the technical course is not sufficient. You need to have a certification which validates your skills and expertise in the required area. The vlsi course is a major course which has huge importance when it comes to securing strategic positions in multinational companies. If you wish to enroll yourself in the course, then Bangalore is the city to look out for. Known as the silicon valley of India, there are some of the best vlsi project institutes in Bangalore which can prove to be great for your career.

A solid start

The vlsi course or which is an acronym for very large scale integrations is a comprehensive program that is dedicated to teaching the inquisitive students everything about working with the circuits. The course is highly demanded by most of the top companies in the world and it is for this reason that every year, an increasing number of students wish to apply for the course. If you are someone who holds a degree in one or the other technical course, then you can easily take up the course to strengthen your CV and also gain knowledge about working with the circuits. The course adopts an integrated approach to teaching whereby the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic are clubbed together and the topics are chosen in a manner so as to give maximum knowledge to the students.

The requirements for the course and the certification

The course is a certified one which seeks to validate and specialize your skills and knowledge. The entire curriculum is chosen in a manner which helps the students to know about more and more topics in a lesser time. If you plan to take up the course, always make sure to select an institute that gives a certificate which is affiliated to the concerned authority. Although being the technical hub of the country, the city actually has plenty of institutes that offer the course, yet you must be careful about the choice of the institute and only apply to a certain institute after retrieving information about it. The requirements for the vlsi course are quite basic. If you have an inclination towards the subject and have a degree in one of the technical courses, you can easily apply for the course. Moreover, these institutes and the certificates issued by them are all recognized by all the companies.

Thus, with the help of vlsi coaching institutes in Bangalore, you can easily find a suitable institute to enroll and begin your training as soon as possible.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Convey messages without promotional touch

A transactional SMS forms an SMS that aids to put forth considerable data such as current bank parity, PNR status and a lot more. It tends not to be constrained by time to convey messages.

Dissimilar to text messages that happen to be advertisements endeavouring to vend a service or product, transactional text messages form receipts, alerts, reminders, notifications conveyed to consumers whose behaviour prompted them.

Hence they not only offer important information but also help to get the information or specific status of a request generated by the user to the concerned system whether it is a bank or any other organisation.

In the majority of the instances, the consumer’s behaviour triggers an instant response: going for purchase sets off a text receipt, or altering a password prompts a text message confirmation code etc. Furthermore, transactional SMS does not enclose any promotional message to advertise any service or product that tends to be completed through a promotional SMS message.

In other instances, the transaction prompts one or maybe more text messages sometime later on. On the day of a conference call, you can get a reminder via transactional SMS service, or online shopping will prompt shipment tracking information after two days.

The optimum utilisation of transactional SMS happens to be carried out by banks, e-ticketing, railways, airlines, hospitals, etc. at reasonable transactional SMS price in India. Moreover, these messages tend to be conveyed by educational institutes and schools with the aim to put across necessary messages to parents devoid of any promotional tone.

Benefits of transactional SMS 

Succinct conveyance of data
The bulky perk of using value-dependent SMS by way of a mode for development can be that quality data tends to be put across instantaneously to the customers. It is exceedingly useful, specifically while critical rapid data needs to be conveyed to the consumers.

Of assistance for commercial ventures for conveying alerts
A vast assortment of commercial ventures is capable of using value–dependent SMS to get benefit from it. Such as railroads do convey PNR status messages towards people, an e-commerce website is capable of conveying message founded reaction towards the e-commerce exchanges, financial institutions as banks do convey notices towards their customers. SMS within instructive organisations are capable of using to convey on time alerts to understudies and guardians.

Capability to convey SMS round the clock
One amid the noteworthy draws of comprising value-dependent SMS can be that they are able to be conveyed anytime, anywhere. These messages tend not to be restricted by time by way of an after effect regarding which customers obtain advice concerning every kind of data promptly.

DND facility
With value –dependent messages as (do not disturb) or DND administration recorded customers are capable of linking and conveying favourable data.

Format-dependent SMS
Seeing that value –dependent messages happen to be format aided, different layouts may be fashioned. The sender simply requires obtaining the endorsement relating to the SMS supplier, following that the sender is all set to put forth instructive messages towards a big pool of individuals.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Why Stretching Exercises are an Integral Part of a Fitness Regime?


Did you know the fact that many people out there don’t pay much heed to flexibility training and don’t consider it to be an integral component of their exercise regime? Well, you read that right. Most of the times people skip the stretching exercises before starting the main exercise. There have been numerous studies reveal that people who do stretching exercises without a miss have never faced issues while training their muscles. While on the other hand, those who missed have at times faced issues related to nerve pain and joint injuries. As a fitness coach, you need to make sure you include stretching exercise in the workout program of your clients.

It has been observed that fitness trainers who have done fitness certification courses from a reputed institution are trained and have a better understanding about general physical preparedness, body mass composition, workload, and workout related intensity, stretching exercises and physiology which helps them in training their clients in right manner.
Let’s have a look at some of the prime reasons that are being taught to the personal instructors during their course training in the fitness certification courses about the significance of stretching exercises.
Reduced Level of Stress:
When you will include 5-10 minutes stretching exercise in the workout program of your clients, you will notice a great deal of reduction in the mental and physical anxiety level. You will find them more enthusiastic and energetic relatively to normal days. 
Decreased Soreness and Stiffness:
While doing strength training workout there are chances that extreme muscular tension can result in muscle soreness or discomfort. Though, researches have shown that doing stretching exercises every day can make a real difference and help the person to reduce the risk of muscle stiffness and soreness to a great extent. It also helps in reducing the chances of muscle cramps. While undergoing fitness certification courses, you will be trained in the approach of targeting different muscles groups and relaxation strategies.
Reduced Chances of Injury:
Even though the substantiation is quite far from being conclusive, there are some favourable discoveries on the subject of the role that stretching exercises widely play in lessening the probabilities of the risk of injury during the workout session. A proper approach towards stretching the right muscle group often helps in warming up those muscles and help to increase the overall body heat and make the body ready for the movements that are about to come. This is the reason why stretching exercises are considered to be an integral part of the workout program as muscles and tendons that are not warmed up before exercise are prone to rupture and sprain.
Have you been looking out ways to improve your knowledge base in personal training aspect? If yes, then Sign Up to Fitness Certification Courses and master the areas where you think still there is a scope of improvement. For more information, please feel free to speak to our consultants by calling on our toll free number.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A course in miracles- Foundation for inner peace


A course in miracles is the set of self-study tools. If you are looking for a way to change your lives, there is a non-other better way than the course in miracles. A course in miracles clearly suggests that it is a teaching device. Though, it is difficult to know what exactly the real and unreal is, but this course clearly teach us about the real and unreal. This course allows us to experience our own teacher, which is inside us. The teacher tells us about right and wrong.

A course in miracles is arranged in basically three parts, where the first part consists of text, second part consists of workbook for students and third part consists of manual for teachers. As, the course consists of some basic concepts, the text clear the concepts of the course. Second part consists of total 365 lessons which are supposed to be read and implement practically in daily lives. The students can read one lesson daily and implement in their practical life.

After reading the total courses, there are countless number of questions in the student's mind. So, the third part is all about the questions and answers arising in the student mind. This part shares the same format of questions and answers just like others. In addition to this, there are several different but difficult terminologies used during the course, so this part have the meaning of every term used during the course. This is why, third part is known as teacher's manual.

ACIMbooks are the main part of the every library because these books are considered a way to find the inner peace, which is an important thing for everyone. The days are gone when this course was written by Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman but the popularity of this course is not gone. In fact, the popularity of this course is growing just like anything. This is the reason due to which the ACIM books are becoming highly popular. After looking at the popularity, this course has been translated into 18 different languages and more translations are still in progress.

In different countries, the different minded people get together to study this course so that they can learn this course fully. As, the course is difficult to understand so the different minds help to understand the course completely. As, we all are living in the internet world, we can get this course on the internet, CD, DVD and several other formats. As, people find the books a better to way to understand the course, so you can buy a course in miracle books online and in this way, you can find the inner peace.

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