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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Beyond Mapmaking: Why Geographic Information Science Is a Growing Field

You pick up your phone, search for a local restaurant, and in seconds, you find just the place for dinner — along with a link to directions for getting there. Or maybe you’re checking in on social media, and your post automatically updates your location, complete with a map, or you’re navigating around a large museum or park and using a customized map that tells you exactly where you are and how to get where you want to be.

Welcome to the world of 21st-century mapping technology. Although many of us think of maps as those archaic pieces of paper that are impossible to fold up neatly once they have been opened — or something you might find in grandpa’s glove box — the fact is that almost everyone uses some type of map or mapping technology every day. It’s not just consumers, either;businesses, government agencies, emergency services and other organizations are using geospatial technology and information to solve major problems facing their communities, from traffic congestion to improving responses to natural disasters.

But who makes these maps and collects this data? What was once the realm of cartographers has developed into the field of Geographic Information Science.

What Is Geographic Information Science?

Geographic Information Science or GIS is essentially the process of using computers to collect, analyze, model and present geographic and spatial data. GIS is more than just creating maps, though. For example, using the information collected from multiple sources, including sensors and other smart devices, GIS technicians can study traffic patterns to identify traffic jams and congestion, giving city planners better data to work with in their efforts to ease congestion — and ultimately, provide real-time data to drivers, so they can plan a faster route. GIS might also be used to predict and plan for disasters; they can overlay maps of flood plains from various bodies of water on residential areas to determine which areas are most likely to flood during severe weather. This information can be used to help homeowners prepare but also by insurance companies or emergency services to set coverage rates or determine when to order emergency evacuations. GIS data can be used for a wide range of other purposes as well, including marketing and political research.

GIS professionals, most of whom have a master’s degree in the field, use computer software to collect and analyze data. This might include digitizing existing maps, entering information about latitude and longitude into files and turning satellite and aerial images into data. By analyzing this data, they can create models and maps for various purposes. While many work for a specific agency creating maps for internal use — for example, working with a restaurant chain to provide maps of potential locations based on customer data, traffic patterns and available space, a growing number of GIS professionals are moving into the consumer space, creating maps for websites and mobile applications. Any time you use an app that offers real time updates based on your location, it’s likely that a GIS expert was involved in its development.

Why GIS Is So Important Today

GIS is a rapidly growing field. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth in this field is expected be much faster than average between now and 2026, at 19 percent. While industries that traditionally seek GIS expertise, including transportation, utilities, engineering, surveying, construction, archaeology and the government and military, will continue to hire GIS graduates, the explosion of location-based services means that many other industries are beginning to see the value of GIS as well.

In fact, the increase in mobility, big data and demand for real-time data is perhaps the biggest driving factor in the growth of the GIS field. Not only are application developers increasingly adding mapping and spatial data into their applications, but companies are using information collected from everything from satellite imagery to crowd-sourced data and IoT sensor information to learn more than ever before about their customers and operations. This expands the capabilities of GIS into places it’s ever been before while also giving organizations the information they need to provide better experiences, streamline operations and in some cases, improve the health and safety of our communities.

While you might think nothing of using Google Maps on your phone to find the best place to grab a taco nearby, the fact is that a lot of work and analysis has gone in to making that information so easy to find. If you have experience in computers and want to use your data modeling and analysis skills to provide a service to society, GIS might be the field for you.

Want to Create a Successful Startup? Here Are Some Things Top Entrepreneurs Always Do

If your career plan includes launching a startup and becoming a successful business owner, it’s important to emulate the actions taken by entrepreneurs who have already “been there and done that.” To make your venture a success more quickly — and a success that lasts —you must work smarter, not just harder, and be proactive to make yourself the best leader and business manager you can be. Read on for some of the key things top entrepreneurs always do that you should add to your to-do list, too.

Know Your Goals

For starters, it’s important to know what you want to achieve from your business before you begin it. Being clear about your goals will help you understand the best direction for your enterprise as you’ll need to come up with a structure and business direction that relates to what you want to get out of it over the short and long term.

Everyone has different goals, so make sure you think about what you truly want, not what you think you should be trying to achieve. For instance, you might want to make a certain amount of money per year, be able to retire at a set age, only work a limited number of hours per week,have flexibility in your hours or location or be able to travel a lot and meet all sorts of interesting people. There is no right or wrong answer here; it’s all about being true to yourself.

Have a Plan

Next, put together a plan of attack for how you’re going to make all your goals happen. Now, this will need to be flexible because things don’t always go how you hope they will. However, taking the time to create a detailed business plan early on will help you see how to move forward and then stay on track over time. Plans are there to refer to, to ensure you don’t get pulled off course by working on things that may seem interesting opportunities but thatdon’t actually align with your goals.

A quality business plan covers a variety of factors. For example, it will detail what you plan to offer in your business, who you plan to sell your wares to, at what price point(s) and where (e.g. online, in a particular suburb, at a certain event, etc.). The plan should cover your operational and sales processes and detail any business partners or investors you will have.

It should cover your marketing ideas and note who you plan to sell to as well as what these customers are like, where you plan on advertising and otherwise market the business and your growth plans for the future. Don’t forget to add in profit projections and other financial data, too. By doing all the necessary thinking, research, testing and other due diligence up front, you will ensure you’ve really thought through your business concept.

Keep Learning and Growing

Next, remember that if you want to build a sustainable business that continues to grow over the years, you need to keep learning and developing yourself, too. The more you educate yourself on various business topics, the better informed you will be and the better able you will find yourself to make wise decisions and to spot opportunities when they arise. 

It is a good idea to work on growing your personal strengths. For instance, entrepreneurs need to be excellent communicators and relationship-builders, and they need to be adept at problem-solving, time management, organization, negotiation, conflict resolution and being focused, creative, adaptable people.

To help you develop, consider enrolling in a business course, such as this online MBA in California withno GMAT score required. You can also learn a lot from seminars and workshops, reading books, blogs, magazines, reports and the like, attending industry events such as conferences and trade shows and joining relevant business clubs and associations.

Surround Yourself With the Best People

Lastly, remember that no man or woman is an island. That is, you can’t, and shouldn’t, do everything by yourself. Even if you’re going to be a solo-preneur and won’t be able to hire employees anytime soon, you should still take advantage of the support of others. 

Outsource tasks that you have no understanding or skill in, that you hate or that you simply don’t have time for. In addition, make sure you have people to vent to when it all gets to be too much. Utilize advisors in complex matters, and see if you can find a mentor who is experienced in your field to guide you on your business journey.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Get Prepared for LLB Exams in The Best Way

Undergraduate course, Bachelor of Law - that’s what stands for the abbreviation that is LLB. It is the first professional degree, in the field of law. The LLB entrance exams are held, and thousands of students take that exam, so that they can be admitted into reputed law colleges and institutes, all over India. The preparation is very tough and requires you to do the best possible. Therefore, without some handy tips and tricks, it’s hard to get an overall lead on the entrance exams. Thus, following are some of the most useful tips and tricks you should always try to follow, in preparing yourself for these examinations.

Be Sure About the Subject and the Career

Law is the kind of subject that will take you years and years of practice, to finally have expertise in it. Therefore, without much thinking, if you plan to enter into this career, and later repent, then that is surely not going to work. Therefore, you first have to know about the pros and cons, and then take the final decision. After taking the decision with confidence, then only you can be successful in your life.

Start Your Preparations Now

There is no specific time to start your preparations. But still, since you have to keep your English language in good terms, along with correct logic and comprehending capability - it’s always better to start before it’s too late. It will help you to master these three things and use them for your own benefits. 

Have a Good Idea about the Exams

One not only has to keep in mind the pattern of the exam but also the nature of the exam as well. You have to keep in mind that current affairs are held in higher regard than static kind of general knowledge. Also, critical reasoning is much more important than logical reasoning. Therefore, one has to keep these things in mind, if that person wants to get into the best LLB colleges in India. You can also consult with teachers, if needed, in order to get the overall idea.

Keep in Mind about the Various Factors of the Exam

There are various factors to keep in mind when appearing for exams like these. One has to be quick and fast in writing and thinking. He or she should also have better accuracy in mathematics, logical, critical reasoning and should also know mathematics. Therefore, one has to keep oneself informed about the whole thing, otherwise, he or she will not do well in the exams.


In order to crack the LLB entrance exams, one has to always stay ahead of his or her competition. Thus, these above tips and tricks will definitely help in doing good in the exams, and ultimately getting admitted to the best LLB colleges in Delhi NCR. The whole process needs to be approached in a very wise manner, and therefore, needs the perfect kind of exam preparation. One has to be confident in his or her own attributes, and then only, success is guaranteed. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

An Insight into BBA Study Guide for Graduation

Students of every stream whether for their graduate courses or for their masters often take help of study guides. Students of the BA stream are certainly no different. They also need to take the help of different study guides so that they can do well and can easily score high marks.

A BBA in International Business from CUD will provide you with real-world insights into relevant social, political, legal, and macroeconomic factors influencing international business. You will acquire vital skills and competencies through specialized international courses in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, while enhancing your communication skills in a multicultural environment. You will also develop your knowledge on how business is conducted domestically and overseas, how to provide superior service to global customers, and how to expand a local business globally.

The market, however, is flooded with scores of study guides from different authors and from different publication houses. This is why the task of choosing from them becomes really difficult and tricky.

The entire course is outcome based and faculty are sensitive to ensure that the outcomes for each course is defined well at the beginning of the programme and shared with each student through course hand outs. This ensures expectation setting is taken care of between the learner and the teacher. Interactive lectures, pedagogy that is evolving, assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of the faculty at Presidency thus is more of a mentor, facilitator and learning is outcome based.

However, some of the top college for BBA in India prescribes certain study guides officially that is designed to serve a wide plethora of students. These study guides when observed closely often will reflect some basic features, such as:

Simplicity Of Language – One of the essential features of these study guides is the simplicity of their language. This is one of the most important aspects that help a large number of students to get help from these guides.Business scenarios and labs are conducted to foster the necessary skills required in the business management.

Complete – One of the prime features that are important for a good BBA study guide is to see whether the guide is a complete one or not. A good guide will complete the entire syllabus that is covered in the book.

Relevant – A good study guide for a BBA course will offer you a relevant amount of data and information. This is important as the same is produced by the students on the exam papers. The knowledge from these books also contributes to the knowledge bank of the students.

Recognized – These books must be recognized by established educational bodies.

Notes from Good Professors – Some of the best BBA colleges in India harps on notebooks and guides that are written by good professors. This helps to improve the quality and the standard of the guidebook and helps the students to learn only the most refined notes from the best academicians of the world.

On a final note, these BBA study guides play a very important role for both the students and also the institutes. They help the students to do well, score high marks and also affects the performance of the institute as a whole. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Homme d'affaires restaure et modernise les sociétés au Kazakhstan

La société «Verny Kapital», qui gère les investissements de l'homme d'affaires Bulat Utemuratov, a trouvé de nouveau une mine d'or. Cette fois au sens littéral.

Bonnes décisions - projets réussis

Les résidents du Kazakhstan peuvent difficilement être surpris par les projets réussis de Verny. Ce n’est pas une fois que la société s’est engagée à financer les sociétés, ce que les autres investisseurs ont considéré comme peu prometteur. L'activité du groupe d'investissement apporte non seulement des bénéfices à son fondateur, mais permet également de restaurer et de créer des installations utiles pour le pays: sociétés industrielles, de construction, ainsi que dans l'immobilier, la banque et les télécommunications. Le fondateur de « Verny Kapital « Bulat Utemuratov élevé et vendu avec succès le « ATF-Bank », puis a créé deux nouvelles banques pour les sociétés et le microcrédit (« Forte Bank » et « Kassa Nova ») et devient actionnaire de deux autres banques, qu'il a réussi réorganiser et restaurer. L'expérience et le sens des affaires ne l'ont pas changé à l'avenir. Actionnaire clé de Verny Kapital, l’homme d’affaires porte les sociétés investies à un niveau supérieur. Des nouvelles sur les activités de M. Utemuratov sont régulièrement publiées sur le site Web

Leaders de l’exploitation aurifère au Kazakhstan

La réorganisation et la modernisation de l’usine d’extraction et de traitement des minerais de Vasilkovsky sont devenues l’histoire de la transformation d’une société déficitaire en société phare de son industrie. Dans les années 1980, à un gisement unique de minerai d’or, l’extraction était lente et, dans les années 1990, elle s’est arrêtée complètement. Cependant, quand l'affaire a pris Bulat Utemuratov, l'affaire est passée d'un centre mort et les pouvoirs publics peuvent désormais produire 15 tonnes d'or par an. Grâce à la mise en œuvre de nouvelles technologies de l'enrichissement et la fourniture de techniques de travail modernes rebaptisés «Altyntau» les mines d'or est devenu le leader du Kazakhstan.

Sur la croissance des ressources minérales société minière a récemment annoncé LLP «RG Gold». Par rapport à 2012 en Janvier 2018 les gisements d'or d'indicateurs du Nord et du Sud Raygorodok est passé de 1,3 million à 6 millions d'onces d'or. On envisage actuellement la possibilité de construire une usine pour le traitement des minerais primaires.

La société RG Gold (anciennement appelée «Raigorodok») est également gérée par le groupe d'investissement «Verny Kapital» de Bulat Utemuratov. La société opère dans la région de Burabike et produit une production sur une superficie totale de 67,7 mètres carrés.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Guide to getting Selected in the Best Commerce Colleges in India


You need to ensure that you are getting admission into some of the top commerce colleges in Dehradun. You might think that this is hard, but, however, there are a few things that you can do when it comes to preparing. There are a few study guides that you would want to check out and then ensure that you are prepared for the tests before you submit your applications. Here are a few of the best ways to help you get into the school of your dreams and to help you have a successful and enjoyable career.

Career Path

One of the things that you need to think about before you can determine which school is going to be the ideal one for you is your career path. Think about what you want to be doing with your future and find the school that would have the right degrees to help you. Also, you should think about which company you want to work for and which schools they go to for direct recruitment after graduation. Your desired career path is just one of the many ways that can guide you when it comes to choosing the right school.

Studying for Exams

The main thing that you would be required to do when it comes to getting ready to be admitted into the school of your choice is studying and preparing for examinations. Depending on where you want to go to school, there are going to be a few exams that you might have to sit for, so make sure that you are aware of which ones they are.
You should also think about the studying that you would need to do for them so that you can get through them easily and gain admission. Once you have studied, then you should take the exams in time for admission.

Admission and Decision

The final thing that you would need to do when it comes to getting admitted into the best commerce colleges in Uttarakhand is applying for it. You would need to fill out the appropriate application and wait to see if you have been accepted. If you have been accepted to more than one school, then you would need to think about the various options that you have and pick the one that fits your needs. This is important to ensure that you are picking the ideal school for you, including the career path that you want.

It is important that you know what you need to do when it comes to being admitted into one of the top schools. You should determine what career path you want to take so that you can see what degree and courses you would need to pursue. Also, you would need to start studying for the exams that would need to be taken for placement so that you can be ready for them. You would also need to apply for admission and then wait to see if you are admitted and then decide where you want to go.

Depression and college students – How will they overcome and what are the symptoms?

Bad eating habits, lack of sleep and not enough movement and workout are the perfect recipe for depression, especially among the college students. Being students, they have to deal with too much stress of their studies and besides academics, they also have fiscal worries and the pressure to grab a good job post school. Then there are the pangs associated with failed love relationships which are more than enough to force students to leave college, stop studying and take many other drastic steps. 

The consequences and risks of depression among students
There are several factors during college life which play a role in developing depression among students. While there are several students who stay unprepared for college, there are others who are drowning in debt and there are some others who are under the pressure of graduating with flying colors. All these drive depression among the students. If you can remain aware of what depression is and if you can understand the symptoms, you can check yourself here by taking the depression quiz. 

Depression leads to substance abuse, binge drinking, binge smoking, smoking marijuana and participating in various sexual activities to cope with the emotional turmoil that goes on within. 

Statistics on suicidal attempts and death among college students
In the United States of America, suicide is the 2nd biggest cause of all the death among students and people who are at the age of 15 and 34 hours. Considering the young adults, 8.4% have had serious thoughts on suicide. While depression is the largest risk factor, there are various others like:

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Stressful life situations
  3. Family history of mental illness and depression
  4. Access to funs
  5. A suicide attempt already taken
  6. Exposure to others who have already taken suicidal attempts
  7. Activities to harm self like cutting oneself or burning oneself
Diagnosing depression among students and treating it
Students are often hesitant about seeking expert help because of the social stigma that is attached with the suffering of depression. The evaluation of mental health which surrounds the developmental and family history of a student, his school performance or other behaviors need to be performed for evaluating the risky students and to formulate a treatment plan.

A combination of antidepressant medicines, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy can be a good form of treatment for college students who are suffering from depression. Depressed students should benefit from a healthy diet, exercise and they should get enough rest.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Nine Excellent Dishes to Try When Teaching English in China

China, one of the most renowned travel destinations in Asia, has lately realized the significance of English education, allowing deserving individuals from all across the globe to pursue their teaching career here. Apart from earning substantial amounts of money, traveling to prominent attractions such as the Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Terracotta Army, Potala Palace, etc., and immersing in the unique traditions, working as a teacher would also provide you with the opportunity to savor exceptionally delectable dishes of the said nation.

In the following write-up, I have chalked down names of nine popular Chinese food items that have the potential of effectually tantalizing appetite and making people crave for more.

·        Tea egg is a common snack having an enchanting marble design. An already boiled egg is slightly cracked open and again thoroughly heated in tea mixed with spices and sauces.

·        Baozi are soft steamed buns filled with vegetables or barbecued pork. Teachers would surely love to savor on it after coming back from school. Red beans, custard, and lotus seed are several other filling options that you can choose from.

·        Pecking duck was innovated by the renowned Emperor of Yuan Dynasty. The duck is marinated with spices, then fried so that its exterior could turn crispy, and served along with pancakes, cucumbers, and onions.

·        Congee could be loosely defined as rice porridge that you can either consume with fried bread sticks or salted meat, fish, and eggs. It is considered ideal when the weather outside is extremely chill.

·        Popularized by posh restaurants, Din Tai Fung is a conventional Chinese dish where dumplings filled with spicy pork are dipped in warm and flavorful broth. You can also try making them in your house during weekends but the preparation procedure is quite lengthy.

·        A large number of individuals who have undertaken English teaching jobs in China with no degreehave said that BiangBiang noodles prepared with onions, garlic, and mutton or beef is the easiest dish which they can eat both for breakfast and dinner.

·        Sesame rolls is an extremely popular dessert that have a crunchy exterior but the insides are moist due to fillings of red beans paste, glutinous rice, or custard. 

·        Tofu as a sweet dish appears quite strange but tofu pudding is tremendously refreshing and worth trying. Instead of the firmer version, this particular dessert is made with silken tofu, sugar, and ginger syrup.

·        Chinese mango pudding is primarily popular in Hong Kong but at present eaten in all parts of the country. This creamy dessert can most surely make you drool and is perfect for the days you are feeling low.

In addition to the varied kinds of snacks, main course items, and desserts stated above, when in China, make sure to drink scrumptious beverages namely pearl milk tea, salt soda, coconut milk, Tsingtao beet, etc.

Individuals teaching English in China often feel homesick. Well, the best way to get rid of this issue would be paying visit to all street stalls and top restaurants for trying out the dishes stated above. Tasty foods can uplift mood in absolutely no time.

To know about the vacancies and be placed in renowned institutions, feel free to contact a recruiting agency, which assures to offer generate an agreeable experience altogether.  

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Digital Marketing, new cool in India



Marketing is the essence of life. We are doing marketing in all the aspects of life. The digital marketing is very important as we are in the digital era right now. There are so many aspects of digital marketing courses in Delhi. We have listed up some of the digital marketing courses.

1.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It is a process by which you can increase the traffic of your blog or website very much. It is all about putting the right keyword at the right place to let the search engines like Google can find your site or blog easily. This has some fixed parameters and values by which keywords to be used.

2.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

If you are building up some franchise of a product. It is a very small trick by which the traffic will increase in your franchise’s blog. The SEM is done to increase that traffic so that more and more people can see the blog and the product.

3.   Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social media is a very popular platform to advertise about any product or services. So all the optimization should be done in that platform only. So this course is very popular now. It is one of the most demanding digital marketing course in Delhi. The SMM course offers to promote some product or services news so that the marketing can be done properly.

4.   Email Marketing:

Email marketing is all about sending email notification to the right person and at the right time. The email marketing is the easiest among them all. And it can help in getting the proper traffic very much. This course is designed in this way that if someone wants to into this without knowing, then the mails will be found in the trash box of the clients.
5. Web Analytics:

Doing business is not the only concern of a company. One has to be sure that the people around them are a bit of their target audience. So the Web analytics course is to calculate the traffic and analyses the condition of the business. In this way, it can be told what will be the future of the business.

6.      Mobile Marketing:

Mobile is common device now. Everyone has a mobile now. So if we do all the marketing through mobile only, then our product will be there in front of everyones’s eyes. So mobile marketing is done by taking the franchise’s promotion target in the mobile only. It is taught by one of the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi.


The courses regarding digital marketing sector is very famous courses now. These are needed in almost in every aspects of our life. So best digital marketing course are there in Delhi. The course is really very helpful who needs service and also who are there to work for it. So it is a very good idea to think about this career once if you want some extra pocket money and aspire in life by this.

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